Contrasts with biker. Generally young, rich, shallow, fashion-conscious motorcycle rider who favors new and shiny Japanese race bikes in hideous color schemes, and gear to match. May not have long lifespan due to extreme nature of said transportation.

Not exclusively applied to motorcyclists - also used for the drivers of hot hatches, Ford Capris, Opel Mantas, XR3is, and other wannabe sporting vehicles and anything with too much retrofit lighting. Implies low status in the eyes of others combined with exaggerated self-esteem. A bit of a prat, in other words.

In the UK, boy racers are also noted, not only for their insane driving, but for their insane cars. Boy racers like modifying their cars. For many this simply involves fitting spoilers, air dams, wheel arches, tinted windscreens, alloy wheels etc; ie cosmetic enhancements. It's the equivalent of women wearing makeup and tarty clothes; it's supposed to attract a mate.

However, some boy racers go a bit further. They either fit massive stereos, or go completely barmy, and add televisions, playstations, and DVD players. This gear is colectively known as ICE; In Car Entertainment. It should be noted, that this is normaly in midsize cars such as Ford Escorts.

Moreover, other boy racers modify their engines. This engine modification can be as simple as changing the air filter and exhaust, to add 10bhp, or as psychotic as adding nitrous oxide injection, and more than doubling the engines power. Hybrid turbos, superchargers, and ignition timing chips are also common.

Overall, boy racers can end up spending substantialy more (or sometimes many times more) than the original value of their car in order to look cool. They end up with cars that are often horrendous to drive, and impossible to insure; the tradeoff is that they are very fast and look oh-so-cool.

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