Kevin is a British slang term for a certain type of male, age 14 - 29. Also known as Townies and Kevs

Kevins are generally a despised breed of young men who are dislikable in many ways. Firstly, they move in gangs. They all exhibit similar hairstyles, with the fringe gelled up and usually blond highlights. They also all dress the same. In their pre-teens it would have been Adidas poppers.
All wear pastel coloured clothes from brands such as FCUK and Tommy Hifliger. Their girlfriends -often called Mandy, or Shazzer dialectical slang for Sharon and perxoide blond) - often appear to be terminally ill and generally find it hard to string a sentence together.

Kevins also display a love of automobiles. However, their intellect does not equal their wealth and as such they can only afford bog standard hatchback cars. They then set about removing the '1.1' badge and converting their Novas/Corsas/Saxos into 'hot hatches.' However, their funds only extend to a subwooofer and a cheap pair of fox alloys. Sometimes they will buy a tin can to go over their exhaust to make the engine sounds louder. Generally, these cars are cheap, nasty and ugly. The police often give out speeding tickets.

Kevins finally irritate the general public with their obnoxious attitudes. For a start they only drink Archers and Bacardi Breezers and they take exception to anybody rich or with intellect. They then proceed to start fights, get beaten up and leave their girlfriends to clean them up off the floor.

Kev"el, Kev"in (?), n. Zool.

The gazelle.


© Webster 1913.

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