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How's things with you?

Things with me are somewhat up and down at the moment, mostly because of the 'big move' at work. Staff morale has hit an all new low point, and we're now beginning to turn on each other. Several departments have been at various levels of furiousness with the 'powers that be' for months now, but impotence is leading staff to shout and curse at the nearest person now. It doesn't matter if it's your fault, it only matters if you make a proximate target. It could have been so easily avoided with a little thought and forward planning by the management.

But what do I know? Me, with my BA in spelling and grammatical errors and my bollocks entry level job.

Stuff at home is ok at the moment. Boyfriend is busy working on a presentation, little brother is finishing his A levels, dad went on holiday without sending his usual screeds of email which upset me unexpectedly, bigger little brother is bemoaning his inability to buy "a nice place with a garden". At least he's in a position to buy a "nice place", even without a garden. My branch of the HSBC will laugh at me for nothing, and stare glassy-eyed at me when I ask whereabouts I can buy a home in London on the £70,000 they will lend me.

I hope things are going better with you. I guess that as I haven't heard from you in over a month that you must be up to something fun.

sqz xx

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