You heard me. I give up. I'm going to take my ball and leave! I'm retreating to the enchanting forest of Looneywood to dance with the bouncy little elves while they throw sparkly dust over my head! Weeeeee!!!

I've had enough of this whole "I'm a functioning member of society" thing. It's just too difficult. Phone bills. Traffic jams. Telemarketers. Tying my shoes. Remembering to wear pants. I don't understand how you people keep it up.

Don't you ever give in? I mean, for one second, don't you ever get the urge to fling your hands in the air and run around screaming in public places? How about that guy that called you up and told you that your tuition payment was late, or your house was on fire, or your cat just picked a fight with an elephant and won't be coming home in one piece? Don't you ever have the desire to scream gibberish into the phone until you pass out from lack of oxygen? And if you do, how do you stop yourself? Why do you stop yourself?

Ugh. That's enough. Soon I will retreat into incoherence. It's warm and safe there, far from the rules of language and grammar.

I just don't see the point anymore, that's all. Sanity never really worked for me. In fact, it was always quite uncomfortable, in a tight itchy wool sweater that was knit by your stuffy old grandmother kind of way.

I quit.

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