Most children of a creative and imaginative nature will soon discover that any outward display of their less than normal thinking will not only earn them the derision of their peers, but also will register them firmly in the minds of their teachers as dangerously unhinged.

Especially in these days of Columbine, where any difference from the norm could well be an indication of psychotic tendencies on the part of the child in question.

This reaction is not only due to the society wide fear on the part of adults that psychotic children are rising up to destroy them, but also due to the fact that most adults forget what it was like to be a child once they hit a certain age.

To be quietly creative, acting in the background with creative stories and an active willingness to take part in plays, art and recess...these things are welcomed and embraced.

On the other hand, children who thought that Narnia would generally be a good idea, that Frodo is waiting out beyond the fenceline somewhere if you squint hard enough, and that what the world really needs is more wonder, can generally be assured that they will be regarded as barbarians at the gates of sanity.

Geeks and other insane peoples of the universe, I salute you.

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