An acronym for French Connection United Kingdon.

A very famous, rather.. infamous advertising campaign debuted in 1997. Because of the visual trick the word fcuk plays with your mind, interpreting it, as of course, the word fuck, the campaign has gotten quite a lot of media attention. The "Kinky Bugger" campaign launched in 2001 incorporates such lines as:

  • cool as fcuk
  • too busy to fcuk
  • I've got my f, c and k, all i need is u
  • FCUK all night long
  • FCUK my place now
and a few related, but not as catchy:
  • go on, treat yourself
  • come here often?
  • get your coat
Seen on tee shirts, posters, the store's bags, magazine ads, billboards, catalogues and commercials... the store goes so far as to call their shops fcuk stores and fcuk fashion. To announce the opening of the biggest French Connection shop to open, a full page ad was taken out in a UK paper proclaiming The World's Biggest FCUK.

When the UK's Advertising Standard's Authority deemed the campaign as too much, French Connection retorted with another slew of merchandise saying Sorry, FCUK. Meanwhile the fcuk'inky commercial was banned.

After fcuk was banned from New York taxis, French Connection marketing feared the campaign would not "translate well" in the US. But you can still find the posters in shop windows, the tees in the store, and you can walk out with your tee in you fcuk bag.

Also, dwyn informs me that you can surrently see the fcuk ads on top of San Francisco taxis as san francisco's first fcuk... *shrug*

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