Everyone always wants to save the cute animals but nobody really gives a rats ass about the ugly animals, or even the stupid animals for that matter. What is to become of the ass monkeys and tree monkeys and geoducks? Save the cows, for Christ's sake! You can hunt those damn things with a hammer.

Also the motto of The Human Society.
Classical selfish human ethics.

If we eat cute animals, we run several risks -

  1. Being called evil and regarded as immoral by other people who think they'll be looked upon favourably by others because they defended cute animals.
  2. Feeling guilty because we destroyed a cute animal.
Ugly animal consumption carries neither of these risks, and often delivers a larger portion. Also, because we like to keep ugly animals at a distance on farms rather than in suburbs, we don't have as much contact with them. This means most people care less about the ugly animals, because they're too busy stroking their cats and dogs.

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