San Francisco is the name of a fun, kind of blocky-looking font. It was one of the first fonts invented for the original Macintosh computer. Being neither a san serif or serif font, it was excellent for making your own ransom notes, as each letter looked like it had been ripped from another typeface. However, it was almost completely useless for any other purpose.

My friends and I used to play a basketball game called San Francisco. This game is much like golf in that the object is to have the lowest score, and there isn't any running. I have no idea why it's named San Francisco. It just is.

In San Francisco there are three stations with different point values attached to them: just in front of the hoop from about 5 feet, 1 point; the free-throw line, 2 points; somewhere on the three point line, 3 points. Each person, in turn, shoots from these stations in the order I just described.

If you make a shot, the number of points attached to that station are added to a running total that is also attached to that station (all stations are initially 0). For example, if the first two people were to both make all three shots, there would be two points on the first station, four on the second station, and six on the third.

If you miss a shot, you get all points accumulated for whatever station you shot from, and the points on that station are reset to zero. If you get to 21 points, you're out!

Extra special fun rules

  • Tipping: If there are no points on a station and the shooter misses, you can tip the ball in to give the shooter a point.
  • Airballs: If you shoot an airball, first you should be given a wedgie. Then, you get a point.

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