AWFUL 1997 sitcom set in a diner in New York city called Union Square. The characters included lawyer turned play-writer, an aspiring actress who just got to the Big Apple, an ex-con, an absent-minded waiter, and a neurotic real estate agent. The show opened to universally terrible reviews from TV critic, and was placed between Friends and Seinfeld, two of NBC's highest rated shows. This gave the show a somewhat rating's boost, but more importantly a classic example of how scheduling can make people watch anything. (I.E. "There's nothing else on and Seinfeld is on in 15 minutes"). If you ever find a copy of the show, burn it.

Random snippets of strangers' conversations.
The clicking and rolling of skateboards behind my back.
Traffic rumbling by.

6:23 p.m.
I sit on the steps in Union Sq. watching the world move around me. Jotting down fleeting thoughts. Stubbing out my my cigarettes, tamping down on every last glowing ember, watching the sparks die.

Fire engine sirens.
Excuse me, got a light? Busses squealing to a halt.

6:34 p.m.
The sky is overcast, I can't see any stars. I miss the stars. I'm hungry, find a crumpled pack of peanut M&M's in my bag. Light up again, playing with the smoke. Watching it curl and spiral away, dissipating before I can get something to hold on to.

The smoking wall and lit numbers changing.
Couples wrapped in each other.
Virgin Megastore glaring in persistent neon.

6:47 p.m.
That's the last of my smokes, and my bum is numb. The flow of world around me varies, people pulsing from the subway at periodic intervals. Cap my pen, gather my shit, stand and walk away.

Union Square is a small public park and gathering spot located on the edge of downtown San Francisco. It is bordered by Post Street on the north, Geary Street on the south, Stockton Street on the east, and Powell Street on the west. Pedestrians enter the park from the corners, where there are a few steps leading up to a plaza of beautiful planters filled with shrubs and flowers du jour.

The park has undergone several re-designs through the years, and every version has been captured on film. Director Alfred Hitchcock, who used many San Francisco landmarks as backdrops in his films, included several shots of the old Union Square in the films Vertigo and The Birds.

The Union Square I know best is the one that lasted through the 90's until the year 2001. It featured square planters in the middle of the square, ample ledges around the planters that were shared by visitors, shoppers, skateboarders, and local employees alike.

Union featured flat smooth ground around the planters. Many local art shows and sales were held at Union Square because it was an easy and convenient location with plenty of foot traffic. The square was also a great place to sit on the ledges and enjoy the sunshine. It was a great place to feed birds, as well as have a bite to eat yourself.

At night, Union became a hangout for local skateboarders and romantic couples. I once watched Karl Watson skate Union. It was like watching a work of art in progress.

In 2001 Union Square was closed for remodeling until the year 2002.

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