A man who brings you food or drink, and otherwise attends to your food or drink related needs at a resturaunt or cafe. Tip them zero to 20 percent of the bill, with 15 percent being roughly average. Zero is a risk.

A woman who performs the aforedescribed duties is a waitress.

A cute female person who performs the aforedescribed duties is a cute waitress.

After years of experience in the Food Service Industry (I wait tables), let me tell you The Facts:

1) Waiters/Waitresses make their living off the tips.
2) The food's quality is the responsibility of the cooks, not the server.
3) Many times, if food arrives different than ordered, then the cooks or the expeditor is responsible, not the server.
4) Servers have to deal with a lot of assholes in a day, don't be one of those assholes.
5) Tip Scale for assholes, rural hicks, royal bitches, and ethnic or foriegn idiots:

0% for bad service,
5% for good service,
10% for excellent service

6) Tip Scale for everyone else:

0% never,
5% for bad service,
10% for mediocre service,
15% for good service,
20% for excellent service

7) If you can't afford to tip for service, Eat Fast Food!
8) If you dont like to tip for service, Eat Fast Food!
9) If you are cheap, Eat Fast Food!
10) If you understand all of the above, then Welcome to Friday's! :)

Wait"er (?), n.


One who, or that which, waits; an attendant; a servant in attendance, esp. at table.

The waiters stand in ranks; the yeomen cry, "Make room," as if a duke were passing by. Swift.


A vessel or tray on which something is carried, as dishes, etc.; a salver.

Coast waiter. See under Coast, n.


© Webster 1913.

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