A chain of record stores in the UK, owned by Richard Bransons Virgin corporation. Started out life as a mail-order record business in 1970, which, along with a student magazine formed Bransons original start up. Now consists of over 80 stores, in the US, Europe, Japan, and Canada, Its Oxford Street shop in London is the world's largest entertainment store.

The nickname of Aberdare Hall student residence at Cardiff University. So called due to the fact it was a women only hall, and had hugely strict rules regarding curfews (11pm whilst your at University!), and were even more restrictive about anything to do with men.

I had a friend from school unfortunate enough to end up in Aberdare (not of her own choice). The story that I remember her telling me was of the time when her long term boyfriend visited her, she had to tell the wardens that he was her brother before they would let him in, and then the door to her room had to stay open for the duration of her visit. Overnight stays were right out of the question.

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