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Sender: Dean
Received: 4:00pm 20-12-2009
hey bazza sorry cant do
anything i got a family
dinner tonight. what are
you doing for new years?
cya soon mate

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barry tears the roof off the sucker: facebook groups are really starting to piss me off.
barry tears the roof off the sucker: I also think we may need to face the harsh reality that young, technically-knowledgable, left-leaning students are actually a minority group. Most of the voting population probably does actually have a vague feeling that censoring child pornography is a good idea.
eggs (No Clean Feed!): haha yeah. i know most of the guys in my arts courses have no idea about it
eggs (No Clean Feed!): cept for a vague hippie outrage that censorship is bad
barry tears the roof off the sucker: I honestly care more about how utterly useless the filter is. I can think of seven different ways to bypass it off the top of my head. I guarantee Conroy could not explain the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web.
barry tears the roof off the sucker: it's not gunna stop one person who wants to get kiddie porn from getting it. Perfect waste of money
eggs (No Clean Feed!): you need to help me write some letters

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Sender: Megan
Received: 4:15pm 20-12-2009
Sorry love not free tonight
:( prob after christmas

Chat with
barry tears the roof off the sucker: dammit everyones so busy this time of year.
barry tears the roof off the sucker: speaking of which, you still have my breadboard. Can I drop by your place tomorrow and pick it up
eggs (No Clean Feed!): i'm not in sydney brah
barry tears the roof off the sucker: What did you get that job with Energy Australia
eggs (No Clean Feed!): yeah im up in Lismore. im gunna be with my family for chrissy. ill be back after new years
barry tears the roof off the sucker: Good for you. Exactly my point though about everyone being too busy.
eggs (No Clean Feed!): you are totally not allowed to complain, you're sitting around on your arse
eggs (No Clean Feed!): when do you start co-op
barry tears the roof off the sucker: January. Yeah, I'm sitting around on my arse browsing reddit until then.
barry tears the roof off the sucker: I'm obviously not as introverted as I thought because it's getting fucking boring. If something doesn't happen soon I'm going to freak out.
eggs (No Clean Feed!): haha
eggs (No Clean Feed!): brb mate, shower.
barry tears the roof off the sucker: ok

Incoming call: Ben Fitz


"Hey! Ben?"

"*chkshks* Hi Barry! Yeah, yeah it's Ben from *chkschks*"

"Yeah, I remember! What, uh, what's up?"

"we're going *shchshsch* concert in Surry Hills."

"Just a sec I've got really terrible reception in my roo - I'VE GOT REALLY TERRIBLE RECEPTION IN MY ROOM. Ok."

"We can pick you up! Where did you live again? Northern beaches somewhere? We're driving down from Newcastle."

"Newcastle? Shit - what are you doing in Newcastle? That's a drive and a half"

"Been living there last couple of months, ay"

"Ok. So, uh, what's this concert? Did you say it was a punk band?"

"Nah! Jazz. Crazy jazz. Some supergroup of guys in the aussie scene. Should be awesome. It's just in this attic in Surry Hills ay! They've cleared some guys place out and have gigs there. You walk up the stairs in this apartment block, there's graffiti everywhere, holes in the wall, super underground jazz artist space. BYO. Do you wanna come?"

"That sounds really awesome. Yeah, I'm in! So..."

"We'll give you a call when we get into Sydney"

"Great. I'll give you my address, guide you in hey."


"Ok, I'll see you soon then!"

"See ya mate!"


time of call: 4:30

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