My façade was my shield, my shelter. Without it I was nothing, and would always be nothing. The fear, the misery, the dread, how was there a way that could have driven me out of hiding?

The first time I met you, I could not be sure of your intentions. The time we spent was not much, but day by day my weakness faded. You were the part of me I lacked. I could talk to you an entire day, and for nothing more than a single laugh. It was you that taught me to smile, to trust, to love. I always wanted a friend that could give me the push I needed to jump.

We had all sorts of similarities that made you so relatable when we would talk. I learned so much from you, just like I would my teacher. You found the silence in my heart, and put an end to its rule.

There was something different, something faintly resembling in you that I had. It took a long time to realize why I had never met you before now. I now understand that you and I are one, the same person. All I needed was to find myself.

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