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For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight
I know money is the root of all evil
Do funny things to some people
Give me a nickel, brother can you spare a dime
Money can drive some people out of their minds
-- the O'Jays

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The world economy is a very complex system. Most countries have their own form of currency, and even those countries that share a currency often have a local form of money as well. Whether you are just crossing the border into another country, or traveling overseas, exchange rates can be confusing and potentially very unfair. Added to this confusion is the fact that many countries give their money the same names as other countries, yet their values are completely different. If you say "dollar" are you talking about the United States dollar, the Australian dollar, the Liberian dollar, or any of the other 30 or so countries that use the word "dollar" to describe their unit of currency. Below is a reference for the major, official currencies of the world and their currency codes.

Notes: To distinguish between countries that call their currency the same or similar names, a country specific identifier has been provided for most of the currencies below. For example, both India and Nepal call their money the "rupee" - therefore below they will be described as the Indian rupee and the Nepal rupee. No one in India actually calls it the "Indian rupee", but when you move from local to international context, these distinctions must be made.

The countries are grouped into the following regions:


Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Africa (General)               Numerous countries in Africa use the Communaute Financiere Africaine franc
                                 which is issued by the Central Bank of the West African States

Algeria                        Algerian dinar            DZD
Angola                         kwanza                    AOA
Bassas da India                uninhabited
Benin                          Communaute Financiere     XOF
                                 Africaine franc 
Botswana                       pula                      BWP
Bouvet Island                  uninhabited
Burkina Faso                   Communaute Financiere     XOF
                                 Africaine franc
Burundi                        Burundi franc             BIF
Cameroon                       Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Cape Verde                     Cape Verdean escudo       CVE
Central African Republic       Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Chad                           Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Comoros                        Comoran franc             KMF
Congo,                         Congolese franc           CDF
  Democratic Republic of the
Congo,                         Communaute Fiananciere    XAF
  Republic of the                Africaine franc
Cote d'Ivoire                  Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Djibouti                       Djiboutian franc          DJF
Egypt                          Egyptian pound            EGP
Equatorial Guinea              Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Eritrea                        nakfa                     ERN
Ethiopia                       birr                      ETB
Europa Island                  no indigenous inhabitants
Gabon                          Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Gambia, The                    dalasi                    GMD
Ghana                          cedi                      GHC           
Glorioso Islands               no indigenous inhabitants
Guinea                         Guinean franc             GNF
Guinea-Bissau                  Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
                               Guinea-Bissau peso        GWP
Juan de Nova Island            no indigenous inhabitants
Kenya                          Kenyan shilling           KES
Lesotho                        loti/South African rand   LSL/ZAR
Liberia                        Liberian dollar           LRD
Libya                          Libyan dinar              LYD
Madagascar                     ariary                    MGA
Malawi                         Malawian kwacha           MWK
Mali                           Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Mauritania                     ouguiya                   MRO
Mauritius                      Mauritian rupee           MUR
Mayotte                        euro                      EUR
Morocco                        Moroccan dirham           MAD
Mozambique                     metical                   MZM
Namibia                        Namibian dollar           NAD
                               South African rand        ZAR
Niger                          Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Nigeria                        naira                     NGN          
Reunion                        euro                      EUR
Rwanda                         Rwandan franc             RWF
Saint Helena                   Saint Helenian pound      SHP
Sao Tome and Principe          dobra               STD
Senegal                        Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Seychelles                     Seychelles rupee          SCR
Sierra Leone                   leone                     SLL
Somalia                        Somali shilling           SOS
South Africa                   rand                      ZAR
Sudan                          Sudanese dinar            SDD
Swaziland                      lilangeni                 SZL
Tanzania                       Tanzanian shilling        TZS
Togo                           Communaute Financiere     XAF
                                 Africaine franc
Tromelin Island                uninhabited
Tunisia                        Tunisian dinar            TND
Uganda                         Ugandan shilling          UGX
Western Sahara                 Moroccan dirham           MAD
Zambia                         Zambian kwacha            ZMK
Zimbabwe                       Zimbabwean dollar         ZWD

Antarctica and surrounding region

Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Antarctica                     no indigenous inhabitants, but our resident antarctic expert
                                 tells me that they regularly accept US Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, 
                                 credit cards, and have ATMs that distribute these currencies as well.
French Southern and            no indigenous inhabitants
  Antarctic Lands
Heard Island and               uninhabited
  McDonald Islands


Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Afghanistan                    Afghani                   AFA           ؋
Armenia                        dram                      AMD
Azerbaijan                     Azerbaijani manat         AZM
Bangladesh                     taka                      BDT
Bhutan                         ngultrum, Indian rupee    BTN/INR
British Indian Ocean Territory no indigenous inhabitants
China                          yuan                      CNY           
Georgia                        lari                      GEL
Hong Kong                      Hong Kong dollar          HKD
India                          Indian rupee              INR             
Japan                          yen                       JPY           ¥/
Kazakhstan                     tenge                     KZT
Korea, North                   North Korean won          KPW           
Korea, South                   South Korean won          KRW           
Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan)   Kyrgyzstani som           KGS
Macau                          pataca                    MOP
Maldives                       rufiyaa                   MVR
Mongolia                       togrog/tugrik             MNT           
Nepal                          Nepalese rupee            NPR
Pakistan                       Pakistani rupee           PKR
Russia                         Russian ruble             RUR           
Sri Lanka                      Sri Lankan rupee          LKR
Taiwan                         new Taiwan dollar         TWD
Tajikistan                     somoni                    TJS
Turkmenistan                   Turkmen manat             TMM
Uzbekistan                     Uzbekistani sum           UZS

Central America, Middle America, and the Caribbean

Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Anguilla                       East Caribbean dollar     XCD
Antigua and Barbuda            East Caribbean dollar     XCD
Aruba                          Aruban guilder/florin     AWG
Bahamas, The                   Bahamian dollar           BSD
Barbados                       Barbadian dollar          BBD
Belize                         Belizean dollar           BZD
British Virgin Islands         US dollar                 USD           $
Cayman Islands                 Caymanian dollar          KYD
Clipperton Island              uninhabited
Costa Rica                     Costa Rican colon         CRC           
Cuba                           Cuban peso                CUP
Dominica                       East Caribbean dollar     XCD
Dominican Republic             Dominican peso            DOP
El Salvador                    US dollar                 USD           $ 
Grenada                        East Caribbean dollar     XCD
Guadeloupe                     euro/French franc         EUR/FRF     /
Guatemala                      quetzal/US dollar         GTQ/USD     ?/$
Haiti                          gourde                    HTG
Honduras                       lempira                   HNL
Jamaica                        Jamaican dollar           JMD
Martinique                     euro                      EUR           
Mexico                         Mexican peso              MXN           $
Montserrat                     East Caribbean dollar     XCD
Navassa Island                 uninhabited
Netherlands Antilles           Netherlands Antillean     ANG
Nicaragua                      gold cordoba              NIO
Panama                         balboa/US dollar          PAB/USD     ?/$
Puerto Rico                    US dollar                 USD           $
Saint Kitts and Nevis          East Caribbean dollar     XCD
Saint Lucia                    East Caribbean dollar     XCD
Saint Vincent and Grenadines   East Caribbean dollar     XCD
Trinidad and Tobago            Trinidad and Tobago       TTD
Turks and Caicos Islands       US dollar                 USD           $
Virgin Islands                 US dollar                 USD           $


Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Europe (General)               Much of Europe and its territories use the euro (EUR)

Albania                        lek                       ALL
Andorra                        euro                      EUR           
Austria                        euro                      EUR           
Belarus                        Belarusian ruble          BYB/BYR
Belgium                        euro                      EUR           
Bosnia and Herzegovina         marka                     BAM
Bulgaria                       lev                       BGL
Croatia                        kuna                      HRK
Czech Republic                 Czech koruna              CZK
Denmark                        Danish krone              DKK
Estonia                        Estonian kroon            EEK
Faroe Islands                  Danish krone              DKK
Finland                        euro                      EUR           
France                         euro                      EUR           
Germany                        euro                      EUR           
Gibraltar                      Gibraltar pound           GIP
Greece                         euro                      EUR           
Guernsey                       British pound             GBP           £
Hungary                        forint                    HUF
Iceland                        Icelandic krona           ISK
Ireland                        euro                      EUR           
Isle of Man                    British pound             GBP           £
Italy                          euro                      EUR
Jan Mayen                      no indigenous inhabitants
Jersey                         British pound             GBP           £
Latvia                         Latvian lat               LVL
Liechtenstein                  Swiss franc               CHF
Lithuania                      litas                     LTL
Luxembourg                     euro                      EUR           
Macedonia                      Macedonian denar          MKD
Malta                          Maltese lira              MTL
Moldova                        Moldovan leu              MDL
Monaco                         euro                      EUR           
Netherlands, The (Holland)     euro                      EUR           
Norway                         Norwegian krone           NOK
Poland                         zloty                     PLN
Portugal                       euro                      EUR           
Romania                        leu                       ROL
San Marino                     euro                      EUR           
Serbia and Montenegro          new Yugoslav dinar/euro   YUM/EUR
Slovakia                       Slovak koruna             SKK
Slovenia                       tolar                     SIT
Spain                          euro                      EUR           
Svalbard (Spitzbergen)         Norwegian krone           NOK
Sweden                         Swedish krona             SEK
Switzerland                    Swiss franc               CHF
Ukraine                        hryvnia                   UAH           
United Kingdom                 British pound sterling    GBP           £
Vatican City (Holy See)        euro                      EUR           

Middle East

Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Bahrain                        Bahraini dinar            BHD
Cyprus                         Cypriot pound             CYP
                               Turkish lira              TRL
Iran                           Iranian rial              IRR
Iraq                           Iraqi dinar               IQD
Israel                         new Israeli shekel        ILS/NIS       
Jordan                         Jordanian dinar           JOD
Kuwait                         Kuwaiti dinar             KD
Lebanon                        Lebanese pound            LBP
Oman                           Omani rial                OMR
Qatar                          Qatari rial               QAR
Saudi Arabia                   Saudi riyal               SAR
Syria                          Syrian pound              SYP
Turkey                         Turkish lira              TRL           
United Arab Emirates           Emirati dirham            AED
Yemen                          Yemeni rial               YER

North America

Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Bermuda                        Bermudian dollar          BMD
Canada                         Canadian dollar           CAD           $
Greenland                      Danish krone              DKK
Saint Pierre and Miquelon      euro                      EUR
United States of America       US dollar                 USD           $ ¢ 


Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
American Samoa                 US Dollar                 USD           $
Ashmore and Cartier Islands    no indigenous inhabitants
Australia                      Australian dollar         AUD           $
Baker Island                   uninhabited
Cook Islands                   New Zealand dollar        NZD
Coral Sea Islands              no indigenous inhabitants
Fiji                           Fijian dollar             FJD
French Polynesia               Comptoirs Francais        XPF
                                 du Pacifique franc
Guam                           US dollar                 USD           $
Howland Island                 uninhabited
Jarvis Island                  uninhabited
Johnston Atoll                 no indigenous inhabitants
Kingman Reef                   uninhabited
Kiribati                       Australian dollar         AUD           $
Marshall Islands               US dollar                 USD           $
Micronesia,                    US dollar                 USD           $
  Federated States of
Midway Islands                 no indigenous inhabitants
Nauru                          Australian dollar         AUD           $
New Caledonia                  Comptoirs Francais        XPF
                                 du Pacifique franc
New Zealand                    New Zealand dollar        NZD           $
Niue                           New Zealand dollar        NZD
Norfolk Island                 Australian dollar         AUD           $
Northern Mariana Islands       US dollar                 USD           $
Palau                          US dollar                 USD           $
Palmyra Atoll                  no indigenous inhabitants
Pitcairn Islands               New Zealand dollar        NZD
Samoa                          tala                      SAT
Solomon Islands                Solomon Islands dollar    SBD
Tokelau                        New Zealand dollar        NZD
Tonga                          pa'anga                   TOP
Tuvalu                         Australian dollar         AUD           $
Vanuatu                        vatu                      VUV
Wake Island                    no indigenous inhabitants
Wallis and Futuna              Comptoirs Francais        XPF
                                 du Pacifique franc

South America

Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Argentina                      Argentine peso            ARS
Bolivia                        boliviano                 BOB
Brazil                         real                      BRL           
Chile                          Chilean peso              CLP
Colombia                       Colombian peso            COP
Ecuador                        US dollar                 USD           $
Falkland Islands               Falkland pound            FKP
  (Islas Malvinas)
French Guiana                  euro/French franc         EUR/FRF     /
Guyana                         Guyanese dollar           GYD
Paraguay                       guarani                   PYG           
Peru                           nuevo sol                 PEN
South Georgia and the          no indigenous inhabitants
  South Sandwich Islands
Suriname                       Surinamese guilder        SRG
Uruguay                        Uruguayan peso            UYU
Venezuela                      bolivar                   VEB

Southeast Asia

Country                        Currencies                Currency Code
Brunei                         Bruneian dollar           BND
Burma                          kyat                      MMK
Cambodia                       riel                      KHR
Christmas Island               Australian dollar         AUD           $
Cocos Islands                  Australian dollar         AUD           $
  (Keeling Islands)
East Timor                     US dollar                 USD           $
Indonesia                      Indonesian rupiah         IDR
Laos                           kip                       LAK           
Malaysia                       ringgit                   MYR
Myanmar (Burma)                kyat                      MMK
Papua New Guinea               kina                      PGK
Paracel Islands                no indigenous inhabitants
Philippines                    Philippine peso           PHP           
Singapore                      Singapore dollar          SGD
Spratly Islands                no indigenous inhabitants
Thailand                       baht                      THB           ฿
Vietnam                        dong                      VND           

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This information was taken from various sources including much help from the CIA World Factbook 2003,, and E2.

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