In the year 2003 A.D...

Some people believed that the end of the human race was drawing near:
  • SARS
  • The asteroid QQ47, which had 0,0001% chance of hitting planet earth in 2014, was discovered
Some people died:
  • Johnny Cash (he was 71 years old)
  • Anna Lindh (stabbed to death at the age of 46)
  • John Ritter (heart failure)
  • The space shuttle Columbia exploded over Texas, killing the entire crew instantly
  • Two people were killed by earth quake in California
  • ~30,000 people were killed by earth quake in Iran
Some didn't: Other significant events: Facts about the year 2003:
  • The average expected life-length of a person was 77 years
  • Germans ate the most gummi bears
  • Hungarians had the most sex
  • There was 0.5% chance to die that year
Top10 google searches:
  1. britney spears
  2. harry potter
  3. matrix
  4. shakira
  5. david beckham
  6. 50 cent
  7. iraq
  8. lord of the rings
  9. kobe bryant
  10. tour de france

Some TV show i saw on Discovery Channel

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