Nina Gordon - "tonight and the rest of my life"
© 2000 Warner Bros. Records


  1. now i can die
  2. 2003
  3. tonight and the rest of my life
  4. badway
  5. horses in the city
  6. hold on to me
  7. new year's eve
  8. fade to black
  9. number one camera
  10. got me down
  11. too slow to ride
  12. hate your way
  13. the end of the world

Please note that all the songs and the title of the album are listed in lowercase on the cover. I'm not being lazy by not capitalizing the words. Really. :)

This is the first solo effort from Nina Gordon, formerly of Veruca Salt. It is well done alternarock, mellow at times, faster and harder on some songs. The lyrics on many songs are heartfelt and somber, on others silly and inane. Some of the songs stand out from the others, such as the title track and "now i can die". Overall, a recommended CD, but only if you like artists like Sarah McLachlan and Fiona Apple.

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