A supergroup that achieved a big, but short-lived success in the early 80s. Consisted of former members of successful progressive rock bands, playing mostly pop rock, their first album sold about 7 million copies, containing MTV and radio singles, such as "Heat Of The Moment" and "Only Time Will Tell", but also great rock tunes with a progressive feel, such as "Time Again" and "Wildest Dreams".

However, in the following albums, the band switched their focus more to the singles, losing their strength but still having moderate success with "Don't Cry". After the first three albums, Asia, Alpha and Astra, the band dismantled, and shortly reunited for a 1990 tour. In the 90s, however, Geoff Downes reformed Asia with bassist/vocalist John Payne, and the band kept the moderate rock style with a bit of a progressive edge, with the albums Aqua, Aria and Arena.

In 2001, Asia is releasing Aura.

Asia is the largest continent, it is 17,085,000 square miles (44,283,362 square kilometres). This means it comprises of 29.9% of the land on Earth. Asia is home to approximately 3 billion people throughout approximately 50 countries.

The countries of Asia (alphabetical order)

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The daughter of Oceanus and Tethys (Table 38) who gave her name to the Asian continent. She was married to Iapetus and had four children, Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius.


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