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If you've ever wondered what you call a man from Madagascar, or a woman from Turkmenistan, then you've been wondering about demonyms. - Below are the demonyms for all known countries (or in some cases, continents or major land masses) of the world.

The countries are grouped into the following regions:


Antarctica and surrounding region


Central America, Middle America, and the Caribbean


Middle East

North America


South America

Southeast Asia


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Would you like to create a writeup for the specific demonyms of your country?
Read "Demonym" first (includes a template), then write it up and /msg me, and I'll hard link it here.

The following countries have their own writeups:
Argentina (by adamk)
Australia (by in10se)
Brazil (by adamk)
Canada (by in10se)
Denmark (by liveforever)
Japan (by mauler)
Mexico (by adamk)
Norway (by Sverre)
Peru (by adamk)
Spain (by adamk)
United Kingdom (by in10se)
United States of America (by in10se)

... and some other-worldly demonyms:
Solar System (by adamk)

If you know of any regional or city demonyms inside any of these countries, feel free to /msg me as well.

* Palestine is not an independent country, but is recognized by the United Nations.
Scandinavia and the Nordic area are a regions, not countries.

This information was taken from various sources including much help from the CIA World Factbook 2002,, and E2.

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