Describes anything related to Mexico.

Often refers to people of a Hispanic ethnic group from Mexico, who are descendants of Mayan natives and Spanish immigrants.

Also refers to Mexican food as well as Tex-Mex food.

The word "Mexican" descends from the ancient Aztecs, who called themselves the "Mexica" (pronounced "meshica"). The aztecs referred to their "country" as The One World. It was the spanish who called the land "Mexico", and referred to the natives as "Mexicas". The Mexicans of today descend mostly from Spanish and Aztec heritage.
It is not true that there are a lot of germans in Guadalajara.

also often used to insult. I recall many a time being referred to as a dirty Mexican.

Mex"i*can (?), a.

Of or pertaining to Mexico or its people.



A native or inhabitant of Mexico.

Mexican poppy Bot., a tropical American herb of the Poppy family (Argemone Mexicana) with much the look of a thistle, but having large yellow or white blossoms. -- Mexican tea Bot., an aromatic kind of pigweed from tropical America (Chenopodium ambrosioides).


© Webster 1913.

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