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Thanks to everyone who participated. Blessings have been bestowed (thanks Apatrix!). I was truly stunned by the overall quality of the writeups, especially from some rather new faces! Special shout outs go to aneurin (5 submissions), Triften (5 submissions), CatherineB (6 submissions), and dgrnx (9 submissions!)


Archdukes, Archons, Ayatollahs, Barons, Beys, Burgomasters, Caesars, Caliphs, CEOs, Chieftans, Countesses, Czars, Demagogues, Dictators, Dowager Empresses, Duchesses, Earls, Elders, Emirs, Emperors, God-Kings, Generalissimos, Governors, Hegemons, Kaisers, Khans, Lawgivers, Margraves, Marquises, Mayors, Mikados, Nabobs, Kings, Oligarchs, Pashas, Pharisees, Pharaos, Poobahs, Popes, Prelates, Presidents, Pretenders, Prime Ministers, Princes, Rajas, Regents, Queens, Secretary-Generals, Senators, Shahs, Sheiks, Shoguns, Sultans, Triumvirs, Tyrants, Viceroys, Viscounts, Warrior Queens


Kings of Bhutan! Presidents of Uruguay! Khans of Mongolia!

I've noticed that there are many holes in E2's coverage of the world's leaders, past and present. While some minor figures are noded there are some glaring omissions of major figures without writeups. Others have only superficial writeups that cry out to be superceded.

Leaders of any kind will do, but make sure they deserve to be noded on E2. Use your judgment. I am NOT looking for your high school class president or the head of the Lady's Knitting Club. I would especially appreciate reading nodes about lesser known but important historical figures, or really famous people who have somehow been overlooked so far.


I'm looking for well-written, interesting, factual writeups. I lot of people will be reading your work, so take some pride and put some time and effort into it. I would recommend consulting at minimum three separate sources. Cite your sources, if necessary. DO NOT cut and paste. DO NOT bore me to death. Make it interesting. Seek out the fascinating anecdotes that make these stories fun. Remember, these men and women were people too!



/msg me (mauler) with your entries and I will record them below.



The quest begins immediately, and ends on Friday, January 24, 2003 at 8:00 server time. Go forth and node!


For the pure, unadulterated joy of noding...

...and for the reward, of course! I will personally C! and upvote any and all quality writeups (as will many other users), and the inimitable Apatrix has kindly volunteered to bless quality writeups (this means at minimum +10 XP) upon the conclusion of the quest.


There are a lot of good resources on E2 to help you think of ideas. For example, check these metanodes for unnoded people:

Australian Prime Ministers
British Prime Ministers
Canadian Prime Ministers
Emperors of Japan
French Monarchs
French Presidents
German kings and emperors
Holy Roman Empire
Monarchs of Denmark
Monarchs of Norway
Monarchs of Russia
Mongol Khans
Mughal Emperors
Norwegian Prime Ministers
Prime ministers of Denmark
Prime ministers of Japan
Prime ministers of Israel
Prime Ministers of Malaysia
Roman Emperors
Rulers of Bulgaria
Rulers of England
Rulers of Scotland
U.S. Presidents

And if you're still starved for ideas, here is a list of leaders I've come across that need good writeups:

Altan Khan (rescued by bane221) | Antoninus Pius | Ashikaga Takauji (rescued by dgrnx) | Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (rescued by dgrnx) | Chandragupta Maurya (rescued by Gaius) | Charles Emmanuel I | Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand Perigord (rescued by Spasemunki) | Charles VI | Childeric I | Claire Chennault | David Lloyd George (rescued by Mod) | False Dmitri | Francis Lightfoot Lee | Franjo Tudjman (rescued by CatherineB) | Francisco Franco | Frederick the Winter King (rescued by Haschel47) | Go-Daigo (rescued by dgrnx) | Go-Shirakawa | Pope Gregory II | Guru Nanak | Han Wudi | Hara Kei | Hojo Masako (rescued by dgrnx) | Hojo Soun | Hojo Tokimasa (rescued by dgrnx) | Hugh the Great | Hugh O'Neill, second Earl of Tyrone | Indira Gandhi (rescued by agazade) | Ishida Mitsunari (rescued by dgrnx) | John I | John Bell Hood | John Tyler (rescued by Rathera) | Jules Mazarin (rescued by dido) | Kammu | Kitabatake Chikafusa (claimed by Shro0m) | Light Horse Harry Lee (rescued by rabidkimba) | Louis I | Louis II, prince de Condé | Louis XII (rescued by Betsumei) | Louis XIII | Louis XVIII | Louis-Philippe | Marquis de Lafayette | Maussollos (rescued by Triften) | Mbande Nzinga (rescued by Triften) | Michael the Brave (rescued by Nero) | Mongke Khan | Nerva | Nurhachi | Ogodei Khan | Philip III | Prince Morinaga | Red Cloud (rescued by metal rozsa) | Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (rescued by Haschel47) | Robert Devereux, second Earl of Essex (rescued by Haschel47) | Saicho | Saionji Kimmochi | Sammuramat | Shah Jahan (rescued by BaronWR) | Shinran | Shirakawa | Song Meiling (aka Madam Chiang Kai-shek) | Stephen Báthory (rescued by Nero) | Taira Kiyomori (rescued by dgrnx) | Tecumseh | Timur (rescued by mirv) | Toyotomi Hideyori (rescued by dgrnx) | Yamagata Aritomo | Yoshida Shoin (rescued by dgrnx)

Happy Hunting!

Quest Entries

  1. Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt, by mdn
  2. Icelandic president Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, by baritalia
  3. North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung, by sekicho
  4. Norman nobleman Odo of Bayeux, by aneurin
  5. English dictator Protector Somerset, by Noung
  6. French king Charles the Bald, by Cimorene
  7. Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, by Spasemunki
  8. South Korean president Kim Dae Jung, by _chaotic_
  9. Khamtai Siphandon, president of Laos, by _chaotic_
  10. British prime minister David Lloyd George, by Mod
  11. Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi, by agazade
  12. Pope Saint Leo III, by dodo37
  13. King of Piedmont, Charles Albert, by trust the doctor
  14. Bakili Muluzi, president of Malawi, by _chaotic_
  15. Thai crown prince Vajiralongkorn, by anthropod
  16. Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, by lara68
  17. Thai crown princess Sirindhorn, by anthropod
  18. French king Louis XII, by Betsumei
  19. French statesman Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand Perigord, by Spasemunki
  20. French emperor Napoleon III, by Kalkin
  21. English statesman Sir Edward Poynings, by Noung
  22. Isreli prime minister Golda Meir, by lara68
  23. French king Louis XI, by Betsumei
  24. John Poindexter, director of the Defense Department's Information Awareness Office, by Lennon.
  25. British prime minister Herbert Asquith, by Mod
  26. Angolan queen Mbande Nzinga, by Triften
  27. Mississippi senator Trent Lott, by dg
  28. Welsh king Iestyn ap Gwrgan, by aneurin
  29. Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, by (person)
  30. Bahadur Shah Zafar, last of the Mughal Emperors, by tusitala
  31. English lord chancellor Thomas Wolsey, by Noung
  32. Maussollos, King of ancient Caria, by Triften
  33. Croatian president Franjo Tudjman, by CatherineB
  34. Ancient Persian king Artaxerxes II, by Triften
  35. Ostrogoth regent Amalasuntha, by Trina
  36. US president John Tyler, by Rathera
  37. U-boat commander Wolfgang Lüth, by pylon
  38. British prime minister Stanley Baldwin, by Mod
  39. Argentinian dictator Leopoldo Galtieri, by pottedstu
  40. Bohemian monarch Frederick the Winter King, by Haschel47
  41. New Zealand's prime minister Helen Clark, by kegel
  42. Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito, by CatherineB
  43. Romanian prince Michael the Brave, by Nero
  44. First Emperor of China Qin Shihuangdi, by marshall_banana
  45. Lakota chief Red Cloud, by metal rozsa
  46. English kingmaker Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, by Haschel47
  47. Prussian king Frederick William I, by Darius75
  48. Ancient Persian king Artaxerxes III, by Triften
  49. Mughal emperor and builder of the Taj Mahal Shah Jahan, by BaronWR
  50. Australian Governor General John Kerr, by Proquar
  51. English king William II, by aneurin
  52. Syracusan tyrant Dionysius the Elder, by uucp
  53. Welsh king Gwenwynwyn ab Owain, by aneurin
  54. Louisiana politician Huey Long, by Harpsichord_fanatic
  55. Pope John XXII, by drownzsurf
  56. English king Charles I, by stagmeister
  57. Turkic warlord Timur (Tamerlane), by mirv
  58. Welsh king Gruffudd ap Gwenwynwyn, by aneurin
  59. Thai prime minister Anand Panyarachun, by anthropod
  60. United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold, by tusitala
  61. Russian premier Aleksandr Kerensky by CatherineB
  62. Romanian king Carol II, by CatherineB
  63. US Revolutionary War general Light Horse Harry Lee, by rabidkimba
  64. French statesman Cardinal Mazarin, by dido
  65. Austrian statesman Prince Metternich, by CatherineB
  66. Ancient Persian king Darius III, by Triften
  67. Menes, legendary first king of Egypt, by Two Sheds
  68. Japanese warlord Ashikaga Takauji, by dgrnx
  69. Japanese warlord Toyotomi Hideyori, by dgrnx
  70. Japanese shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, by dgrnx
  71. Japanese emperor Go-Daigo, by dgrnx
  72. Japanese demagogue Yoshida Shoin, by dgrnx
  73. Croatian general Josip Jelacic, by CatherineB
  74. Traitorous English nobelman Robert Devereux, second Earl of Essex, by Haschel47
  75. Polish king Stephen Báthory, by Nero
  76. Japanese "Nun Shogun" Hojo Masako, by dgrnx
  77. Japanese warlord Hojo Tokimasa, by dgrnx
  78. Buddhist Patriarch of Thailand Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, by Spasemunki
  79. Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya, by Gaius
  80. Louisiana's "Singing Governor" Jimmie Davis, by Harpsichord_fanatic
  81. Mongol ruler Altan Khan, by bane221
  82. Calvin Coolidge's vice president Charles G. Dawes, by Wiccanpiper
  83. Japanese warlord Ishida Mitsunari, by dgrnx
  84. Japanese warlord Taira Kiyomori, by dgrnx

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