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E2 occasionally runs themed writing "Quests" wherein users submit works appropriate to the topic. Sometimes these are competitive and have prizes, other times they are for fun and offer nothing but bragging rights.

Here is a list of previous E2 Quests.

Note: Some yearly quests have their own categories. Those categories have also been collected here.

1 Everything2 Quests and Contests (how-to) Virgil writeup
2 Everything Quest (idea) mauler writeup
3 E2 Iron Noder Quests   category
4 E2 Prosenoder's Cups   category
5 E2 Brevity Quests   category
6 E2 Halloween Quests   category
7 E2 Scifi Quests   category
8 E2 Theatre Quests and Entries   category
9 E2 Quest: More Than Walls (place) kohlcass writeup
10 E2 Quest: Histories of the World (idea) Noung writeup
11 Everything Quest 2: Diseases (idea) dem bones writeup
12 Silly Songs Quest (event) Stuart writeup
13 Everything Quests: Favourite Authors (idea) Rancid_Pickle writeup
14 Everything Quests: The E2 Tourist Guide (idea) Rancid_Pickle writeup
15 Everything Quests: Film Reviews (thing) Demeter writeup
16 Everything Quests: Games and Distractions (idea) Rancid_Pickle writeup
17 Everything Quests: Albums and CDs (thing) mblase writeup
18 Everything Quest - WWII history (thing) Demeter writeup
19 Everything Quests - The High Seas (idea) caknuck writeup
20 Everything Quests - Discover India (idea) rischi writeup
21 Everything Quests - Content Rescue (idea) crtquest writeup
22 Everything Quests - Classical Music (idea) darl writeup
23 Everything Quests - Leaders of the World (idea) mauler writeup
24 iceowl's adventure quest (thing) iceowl writeup
25 An E2 Quest for the Middle East! (thing) Noung writeup
26 We Could Be Heroes: tes's Everything2 Heroes Quest (thing) 18thCandidate writeup
27 Everything Quests: Support Your Local Library (idea) mblase writeup
28 Everything Quests: Hollywood's Golden Age (thing) panamaus writeup
29 E2 Quest: Copyright Redemption (thing) GrouchyOldMan writeup
30 Everything Quests: The Nobel Prize winners (idea) KissThis writeup
31 A Social Sciences Quest   document
32 Everything Quests: Athletes and Sports Figures (idea) caknuck writeup
33 E2 Quests: Songs and Lyrics (idea) Orpheum writeup
34 Everything Quests: Places to visit in Ireland and the UK (idea) wertperch writeup
36 Save us from the horror of dull dead trees: a marathon E2 Quest (thing) Lucy-S writeup
37 E2 Quest: Writeup Redemption (idea) RedemptionQuest writeup
38 RumourQuest 2006 (thing) paraclete writeup
39 PornQuest 2006 (idea) paraclete writeup
40 BrevityQuest 2006   e2node
41 Everything Quest: the PC Bible (idea) haze writeup
42 The First Practically Annual Everything, Kansas Quest and Memorial Potluck (idea) DejaMorgana writeup
43 Gloria AnzaldĂșa Memorial Quest (person) oakling writeup
44 Wordmongers' Masque: Poets' Ball (event) Rapscallion writeup
45 Six Word Story: Cake And Pie! (event) GhettoAardvark writeup
46 March of the Monsters (event) DejaMorgana writeup
47 Everything Quest: Node the Ages (idea) mauler writeup
48 Wintergreen: An Earth Quest (thing) Terranova writeup
49 Piracy Quest 2007   e2node
50 LateQuest 2007   document

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