Short isn't bad. Write.
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aionaever - Shortest science fiction story ever
Chiisuta - Vagina masculina
bol - A very short romance
Habakkuk - A Moment with a Bad Seed
kthejoker - Shortest science fiction story ever
wertperch - Freshette
ascorbic - A short guide to identifying a couple
Tato - sunvex
twofourtysix - Demonstrator
drownzsurf - A Lovely Tea
graceness - Headhunter
rummage - twelve words about love
RangyJoeyHondo - Untitled #4
SharQ - Diesels as good as Hybrids
SharQ - Particulate filter
Andrew Aguecheek - Seminar
ariels - file descriptor, totally disconnected
Sofacoin - Worship
ariels - prefix-free encoding
artman2003 - Snakes on a Space Station
The Custodian - Torpedo room
wertperch - Lang May Yir Lum Reek
nocodeforparanoia - 1488, 1489
Cletus the Foetus - Cannibal
yclept - microwave popcorn
Wntrmute - Identity of Sophie Germain, height
Pint - twinight
liveforever - Two-word poem
Mitzi - Two-word poem
RPGeek - sodium thiosulfate
RPGeek - kdm
Novacain - Swardspeak
RPGeek - MLA
bipolarbear - wankpaddles
Wiccanpiper - No Squat, No Stoop, No Squint
izubachi - Come back, come back, the vacuum's tearing things apart
kohlcass - Short women, stand tall

wertperch, Oolong, allseeingeye, grundoon judging, blessing and admitting.

'Brevity is the soul of wit.'
Shakespeare's Hamlet

Short attention spans and all that. We don't always have the time or inclination to read, let alone write, 3,000-word treatises on even the most fascinating of subjects, much as we love them when we do.

'Omit needless words.'
- Strunk's Elements of Style

Sometimes we want to be intrigued and entertained, and then move on. So we want you to tell us most of the really interesting things there are to say about a subject, in around one hundred to five hundred words; or tell us a good story in a few short lines.

'There is value in short writeups.'
- BlueDragon's May 20, 2002

Please don't bother telling us about things which are already well-covered here, unless it's to correct a drastic lack of lede. Give us snappy, well-crafted prose which tells us things we didn't know, but will be glad to learn, or which just moves us. Do it now. You will be rewarded.

Please let one of us know when you post something for the Quest, so we can give you the appropriate credit, and any deserved rewards.

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