Did you know that each and every red-blooded, truck-drivin', titty-lovin' manly man has a vagina? Well, a vestigial vagina, anyhow.

The vagina masculina, also known as the prostatic utricle or utriculus prostaticus, is located in the prostatic urethra, near the ejaculatory ducts. Basically, it's a piece of tissue that dangles uselessly from the bladder.

Where does this little bit of womanhood come from? In sexless embryos, two ducts called Mullerian Ducts empty into the cloaca – a sort of all-purpose hole. Should that embryo become female, the ducts become the vagina, uterus and oviducts.

In dudes, however, the ducts shrivel up and become that teensy-weensy speck of vaginal tissue, the vagina masculina.

Submitted to BrevityQuest 2006 because, hey, that's all, folks!

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