You see, guys can sometimes be a strangely curious lot. Let’s say a man is about to take a shower, and he steps in front of a full-length mirror while he’s naked. Now while examining his naked body, a thought may strike him:

I wonder what it would look like if I had a vagina?

Why does he have this thought? Some sort of question about his sexuality? A sick desire to see a something resembling a vagina, no matter how perverted it may look on him? No one knows why, he just does. So this man, after quickly making sure that no one else is around, tucks his penis and testicles behind his legs. He presses his thighs together to make sure they stay put, leaving only a mound of pubic hair peeking out from his crotch.

This is a mangina.

The man, his question answered, relaxes his legs and lets the boys return to their usual resting place. He will never speak of his mangina to anyone.

I wouldn’t know anything about this.

A man in a role-playing game (MMORPGs like Everquest specifically) who assumes the persona of a woman, often for the percieved advantages associated with flirting for loot.

Many times players will find themselves in compromising pseudo-romantic situations with another player only to find out later that this character is a mangina (sic.)

There is a great deal of debate on what exactly to call a woman playing a man. Wopenis? Femdick? Girlballer? or are they just another form of Mangina.

This term is definitely in wide use in Everquest Lingo

Mangina is a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), some thirty miles northwest of Beni, near the border of Uganda.

Mangina became infamous during recent rebellious warfare between Jean-Pierre Bemba's Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC) and the Congolese Rally for Democracy, both allies. During raids in Beni against the government, rebels allegedly cannibalized villagers in order to survive. A long running superstition in the Congolese culture suggests that you gain power from eating an enemy. These rebels fled to Mangina, where they continue to ravage the country-side.

Mangina suffered a measles outbreak in December 2002, and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) stationed in Mangina continue to vaccinate the Manginal population.  Mangina is home not only to fleeing rebels, but also some 35,000 civilians who have fled fighting in the surrounding areas, mainly Makeke, which makes the city a socio-politcal hotbed.

In May 2001, an Eastern Congo militia ambushed and kidnapped at least a dozen Manginal workers from a logging camp. The incident became global-wide news when information networks realized one of the workers in Mangina was a U.S. citizen.

Lest we forget our fallen comrades in Mangina, let us all pray for peace in Mangina, and a future where children may frolic free of disease in Mangina.

By the way, I don't know what all the above stuff is all about, talking about male vaginas or something? Mangina is a town in the Congo, and there is a very serious flea outbreak in Mangina right now. Not to be made light of.


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