Murphy's Law: You will not remember that brilliant find + grep + sed + ps + expect hack you pulled off 47 days ago. 5 systems is about to go down in flame unless you recall it soon.

Logging: What some thinking newbies learn to do after 6 months of un*x use. If you discover a new way of solving an infrequently recurring problem, add a brief write-up to a single text file owned by you (not root--nothing sucks more than snarfing and barfing 50,000 unix commands into a root shell accidentally). Before saving the file, add a few keywords you can use to search out later (make them all caps. Then use the file viewer less and /keyword to retrieve the write up later. Aside from keywording and a brief write-up, feel free to include a healthy amount of cut and pasting of the exceptions and quirks you'll never remember and will definitely run across later.

Log"ging (?), n.

The business of felling trees, cutting them into logs, and transporting the logs to sawmills or to market.


© Webster 1913.

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