The crew gasped. When the malfunction briefly deactivated the force field, the radioactive alien snakes began slithering all over the bridge. Lieutenant Myers frantically yelled for help into his communicator. Ensign Smith jumped up on her navigation console when one of them slithered near her. She screamed when it struck her foot.

Suddenly, as Smith's eyes rolled back into her head, a sparkling beam of light shot into the middle of the room. Captain Jackson was beaming in!

When the light was gone the tall, angry cyborg with the big red robotic limbs, afro, and huge pulse gun assessed the situation.

"There are motherfucking snakes on the motherfucking space station!" he bellowed. His voice echoed off of the metal walls of the vast navigation bridge.

With conviction and authority he swung his gigantic pulse gun around and aimed at some of the snakes. The booms from the charges shook the station and the resulting smell of ozone stung their noses. Smith's body fell off of her console.

"Egads!" yelled Myers, pointing at the floor where Captain Jackson had just fired. "You've breached the hull! The room is depress---!"

Another entry for BrevityQuest 2006

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