1. An African-American hairstyle from the late 60s, part of a wave of Afrophilia in pop culture, e.g., the wearing of dashikis and other fashion victim activities. In the 70s, a "bigger is better" aesthetic took root, leading to notorious 'fros: the Ohio Players' Sugar Bonner, Sly Stone, a young Melba Moore, baseballers Oscar Gamble and Cliff Johnson... There were also "white afros": Formula 1 driver Jody Schecter and That Guy on Room 222, for example.

    It was a politico-cultural statement at first, but years after afros went out of style, they were brought back, first as pop-culture afro-wig kitsch, like in Keenen Ivory Wayans' I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!, and in the rap group The Afros. In more recent years, according to a quip by ESPN basketball commentator David Aldridge, an afro is "a good way to meet women".

  2. A prefix for all things African.

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