Semi-classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series from 1972 starring three bizarrely-attired bears living in, and frequently escaping from, Cave Block Number Nine in the Wonderland Zoo.

Though the bears loved to escape from the zoo, they always returned because their cave could be converted from a boring old stone cave into a swingin' bachelor pad. Their luxurious quarters were a closely guarded secret -- if the zookeeper ever acquired hard evidence of either their lush apartment or their frequent escapes, they'd all be shipped back to the woods, where, it is assumed, Yogi and BooBoo would kick their fat hippie asses.

The main characters included: Hair Bear, the ringleader of the group, who sported some sort of afro and wore a vest, scarf, and a belt (despite his total lack of pants); Bubi Bear, a short, cute bear who babbled nonsensically; Square Bear, a big, strong, stupid, endlessly-hungry bear who could summon an invisible motorcycle for quick getaways; Mr. Peevly, the zookeeper, who tried in vain to keep the Bunch from escaping from the zoo; and Botch, Peevly's bumbling assistant.
I used to watch this show on the USA cable network's cartoon express. The theme song was somehow addictive, and I still sing it in my head while writing productivity reports at work.

In the wonderland zoo, we're the certain bears who..
stay at home every night. never quarrel or fight...
ahhh we don't even bite...
HELP! HELP! here come the bears!
HELP! HELP! here come the bears!
HELP! HELP! here come the bears!

let's split...
{music - then repeat HELP, HELP part }





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