The signal a mortal person gets when fuel is needed for the body. Hunger is quenched most often with a large offering of healthy food. The smell of cooking can often remind a person how much they need a good dose of carbohydrates.

Coffee and other stimulants often exhaust this fuel supply quickly. That's why most of us eat many times a day.

Episode 14 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast first aired on March 31, 1995. It was written by Steve O'Donnell and Chris "Spike" Feresten. Note that there was no episode 13, as per old superstition regarding "13" numbered items.

Guests: The guests on this episode are Michael Stipe of REM, movie mutt Lassie (most likely the 7th or 8th one), and Mujibur Rahman and Sirajul Islam of David Letterman fame ("Hi, dave.")

Episode Premise:In this episode, Space Ghost is hungry all episode. He subconciously talks about food through the show. But even more important is Zorak's little nephew Raymond has come to visit. He wants to grow up to be the Locust of 'Pocalypse. He just sits there being cute, talking in cute little kiddie talk and calling his uncle "Zoltar". SG decides to have Moltar order pizza for the gang, and instead of getting a pizza place he gets Mujibur & Sirajul. So after a redial they order a large sun-bloated orange roughy pizza from Sal's Pizza Emporium, which takes quite a long time. Enough time for SG to do a trouble at the farm routine with Lassie and for Raymond to gnaw on Jumbles (SG's horse). Also during the wait, Michael Stipe shows up, just so he can have his stuttering mocked by SG, who annoys Michael about that "Shiny Shiny People" song. To further annoy Michael with Out of Time gags, Zorak makes a silly Losing My Religion reference, and along with Raymond, begs Michael to take them with him to get dinner, since the pizza guy appears to never be coming. It's at about this point that Zorak decides he can't stand waiting to eat any longer and promptly devours his nephew. SG is appropriately distraught and we get a nice video tribute to little Raymond. It's just too cute. Afterwards, the loose end of the missing pizza is tied up, apparently it was delivered to Mujibur & Sirajul. Good thing they like orange roughy.

Girlie Show -- Fire Drill

Hun"gry (?), a. [Compar. Hungrier (?); superl. Hungriest.] [AS. hungrid. See Hunger.]


Feeling hunger; having a keen appetite; feeling uneasiness or distress from want of food; hence, having an eager desire.


Showing hunger or a craving desire; voracious.

The cruel, hungry foam. C. Kingsley.

Cassius has a lean and hungry look. Shak.


Not rich or fertile; poor; barren; starved; as, a hungry soil.

"The hungry beach."



© Webster 1913.

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