How to Play:
  • Players sit around a table and take turns trying to bounce a quarter into a centrally located glass of beer.
  • Miss, and you lose your turn.
  • Sink one and you keep your turn while getting to select some poor bastard to chug&the beer.
  • The quarter is then returned to the player and the game continues.
  • Three successful bounces in row allows the player to make a “rule” (which can be anything)
  • Subsequently, anyone who breaks a rule is required to drink.

A variation on quarters is called chandeliers.

It involves all the same rules as "quarters", but along with the center glass, each person has their own cup with a drink poured in it.

If you bounce the quarter into another person's cup, that person has to drink from it, depositing the quarter on a paper towel (the "tampon"). Bouncing a quarter in any cup means you continue bouncing...whee!

Bounce a quarter in your own cup, and you must take that drink plus one more for stupidity.

Bounce the quarter into the unfilled center cup, and everyone must chug the drink in their own cup. The last one to finish must drink again.

Bouncing the quarter into any three cups in a row allows you to make up a rule, such as "no swearing", "must drink with your eyes closed", "no using names", "no pointing", etc.

Breaking a rule means you drink again.

Another good variation on chandelier(s) is to fill the glass in the middle with an unholy concoction of everyone's drink mixed together. When someone gets a quarter in the middle glass, everyone drinks from their own glass, and the last person to put their glass down on the table has to drink the piss in the middle as well.

Another variation of "Quarters" is called Catch-Up Coin. (Well, that's what we call it in Australia, I suppose those elsewhere could call it Catch-Up Quarters. Here, Quarters is called Coin, and we play with a ten cent piece.)

Catch-Up Coin follows the same basic principle of Coin, but with two glasses and two coins instead of one of each. The glasses start at opposite sides of the table, and the two players with the glasses try to bounce the coin into their own glasses. They keep trying until the coin is in the glass. Then, the coin and glass is passed on to the next person. Both glasses move around the table in the same direction. The object of the game is to "catch-up" with the other glass. If you have control of a glass when the other glass catches up to you, you must drink the contents of your glass.

The glasses are then put to opposite sides of the table and the game restarts.

Note: It is advisable for everyone to have their own drinks, and the two rotating glasses to be empty. It makes things a lot less messy and a lot more hygenic.

This is a good game to play after you've been playing conventional Coin for a while. Once everyone has a bit of alcohol in 'em, the excitement of two glasses chasing each other around the table is quite intense.

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