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  • first day at a new high school and I was late and getting later. Couldn't find shoes, keys, anything important. I couldn't remember what time I was supposed to be there but late late late frantic. In the driveway the kids from next door got in the way of my car and wanted a ride, wanted to talk, wanted a story. I snapped at them and was only a little bit sorry. When I turned the car around it felt like I was going to slide down the hill. I could barely see over the dash. Had to break through a circle of angry men and felt guilty for not offering them a ride. Who was my passenger and why wouldn't he shut up?

    I got there and realized it wasn't a new school but the same old one, everyone the same age as when I'd left, but I had still changed, I was still me-now. People streamed past me as I walked inside, all familiar, none recognizing me.

  • The family had moved to Florida and Noah and I were terrified about the amount of crime we saw all around us, touching everyone but us, waiting. We knew we were next. We decided to go to a pawn shop to prove it to our parents. The highway was insane and I couldn't see where I was going and there was blazing dangerous motion all around us.

  • The police had been watching me for days and weren't doing a very good job of being covert about it. I pretended to browse the storefronts down the way from my shitty unsafe apartment. There was what looked like a trashcan with heaps of cash on top. I wanted to take at least one of the hundreds but the cops were watching so I pushed it all inside the can, knowing it must be a collection for some charity.

    Suddenly there was a man in a gray suit guiding me back to my apartment. Inside was Christine, from my creative writing class. She was the contact whose job was to set me straight. I knew it had something to do with the car. She said I was driving without a spare set of keys, and gave me like a half hour lecture on how irresponsible that was.

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    Background information and terms I use: I worked for "West" Telemarketing (out in San Antonio, TX) two years ago, I started at the very bottom of the corporate ladder as a lowly MR and then switched over to their Information Systems department in less than a month. Matthew was my manager. An MR is a Marketing Representative (a fancy term for a telesales person..)

    I know it sad dreaming about work... thanks to Jessica Pierce for providing the dream logging tip!

    I drove back to West and parked, the car park went as far as the cliff edge so I was glad someone was parked infront of me. I edged my car slowly forwards and bumped the silver porsche boxster. The guy didn't seem to mind.

    I got out of the car and saw Matthew, he welcomed me back which was odd considering I lost the company money. I told him to wait for me while I lock the car, but when I was done he was gone.

    I headed to where I thought our departmental building was, everything had changed.. there was like a huge car park like the ones you see in Walmart. I entered the building and was shocked to see that it had grown.. expotentially.. I mean the inside was bigger that it's exterior (see Dr. Who, Tardis).

    There was loads of people applying for work as MRs. I couldn't find any of the old cubicles, I also couldn't find any place resembling a reception. So I followed a congo line of people walking around. I saw some Rose and Cindy from the Facilities building (some of the buldings that were next to ours had now been built inside.. bricks and all) but I couldn't out how to reach them..

    Then I overheard a pretty girl with short brown hair in a striking office suit say to the congo line that we should go north. Not the direction "North" it didn't sound like that it sounded like a location in the building. So I follow this group through a smoked green glass stairwell.

    Finally I see Rose she's the new reception (I find this kinda sad cause she was the Director of the Facilities department), we have a little small talk then I ask her how do I get to the old building. She tells me it's near a block called "2GD".

    For some reason we start talking about the company's growth and she mentions that the map of the site will be on the internet along with who is near a proxity detector. I figure she must mean close circuit cameras and I ask why are they doing this. I tell her that I find it's a huge invasion of privacy. Rose says that it's to stop people who might being doing bad things like smoking marijiuana. I squeal with delight and mention how the company now looks like a bussling town. As I head off I say to Rose "Cheers again!". I notice two girls who are MRs looking at me and whispering "Did you hear him say 'Cheers again!'?". I guess they've figured I'm not an American.

    On my way out of the office I see a line of teenage men siting on a line of chairs who appear to be waiting for the standard MR acceptability test. What's weird is that there is an old man watching them with a stop watch in his hand. I smile because I remember what it was like when I was an MR. I throw my empty fromage frais yogurt cup into the bin and silence cheer myself for shooting it in the bin hoopless.

    As I step out of the building I notice that the massive car park is now a closed off shopping arcade. I am carrying an Argos catalogue (Summer 2000 edition) and a file folder with me.

    04/04/01 0620

    I could go back to sleep, but I'm not sure there's any point. I've been having fragmented, confusing dreams punctuated by waking up long enough to move around a little and realize that whatever was just going on wasn't really just going on. At first I was having vaguely pleasant dreams, trading information and reading lists with juanpablo and pupok through my in-bed ethernet link. I woke up remembering that juanpablo had turned into the number 87xx or 80xx, and he was glad about it. A little later I was having vaguely sinister dreams, in which I was trying to share a bed with my brother, even though he was really annoyed with me, and some evil cyberpunk corporation turned my parents' dog (who in real life has been dead for some years) into a 6 foot-long cerberus whose memories of liking and serving humans were vague at best. But he decided not to bite my hand off and instead stared at me with amusement. His jaws were hypertrophied and dripped viscid saliva, but he had a very good voice. In all these cases, being asleep is only the slightest bit different from being awake, and it's creeping me out a little. Maybe I'll go back to bed and try some visualization exercises. After I turn on the fan.

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