A Swiss is someone who lives in Switzerland. Not every Swiss can jodel, loves Chocolate or Cheese. If you should ever meet a Swiss try to speak German (as a matter of fact, some Germans wont understand the german spoken in Switzerland), Italian, French or Rumantsch with him, because these are the four languages spoken in Switzerland. Chances are she/he speaks English better than you any of the above...

swiss is the national airline of Switzerland, formed by regional carrier Crossair after the demise of the country's old flag carrier, Swissair. Crossair purchased most of Swissair's international route network and aircraft, and the resulting airline combination, swiss, is proving to be somewhat more successful than either of its constituents was before. They recently entered a code sharing agreement with American Airlines.

swiss is headquartered in Basel. Its fleet consists of:

Swiss (?), n.sing. & pl. [F. Suisse, of German origin. Cf. Switzer.]

A native or inhabitant of Switzerland; a Switzer; the people of Switzerland.


© Webster 1913.

Swiss, a.

Of or pertaining to Switzerland, or the people of Switzerland.


© Webster 1913.

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