Cameroun is a beatiful country situated in the west coast of central Africa. I am just now there, working, too many hours in a mobile Operator(one of the best plant that I have seen) . We are in Douala, the main city for bussines (the capital is Younde). Here every one speak French and English (the first better than the second), and another natives languages.

The best way to stay here is to choose a very good hotel (also very very expensive, so ask your boss for the bill) in order rest and have all the facilities. Everybody that come here is for business, no tourists ;(. Everything looks poor but though interesant. For me is the first time in Central Africa, in a black country, and everything call my attention. I will try to go for a day to Kribi, another city at the coast with a beatiful beach, maybe fore touristic (as I have heard).

The city is not dangerous during the day, and during the night.. I dont know but i think that there is nothing to do, I mean, no place to go for a walk, you should have to cross roads without light, puddles, trash, etc and being the attention from everybody because of the whiteness of your skin. I must say that I have not lived nothing of this, still, because I travel always with a chauffeur, but it would not be pleasant to go alone walking. There are also a lot of prostitutes and they prefer the whites because they thing that they are rich (it is a good reasonig but not my case)

Anyway, I liked it, is one of the most different places thtat I have ever seen, I suppose that is similar to another countries here in the black Africa but for me is the first time and it is always special.

The weather is warm (23 - 28º always) and rainy. The north of the country is dry and more dangerous. Do not forget vacunation and malaria pills if you are planning to come!

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