The United States State Department has this to say about Equatorial Guinea:

CURRENCY RESTRICTIONS: The Government of Equatorial Guinea has established stringent currency restrictions, applied upon arrival and departure from the country. Visitors bearing tourist passports must declare any currency in excess of 50,000 CFA (currently, approximately $85) upon arrival. Although this requirement is not clearly posted, travelers who fail to declare their excess currency risk forfeiture of any amount over 50,000 CFA upon departure. Further, credit cards and checks are rarely accepted. Cash in local currency is usually the only form of payment accepted throughout the country. Credit card cash advances are not available, and most banks do not cash personal or Traveler’s checks.

I'm astounded sometimes at the things we take for granted.

Quoted from the US State Department's Consular Information Sheet on Equatorial Guinea, dated September 14, 1999.

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