SEK is an abbreviation for Swedish Crowns (Kronor), the currency of choice in Sweden. One Swedish Crown is worth approximately (as of Nov 20 2002) 0.1104 US Dollars.


  • 1000 SEK
  • 500 SEK
  • 100 SEK
  • 50 SEK
  • 20 SEK


  • 10 SEK
  • 5 SEK
  • 1 SEK
  • 50 öre (0.50 SEK)
There are also coins of other denominations, they are valid, but not very common. In my 4 years of working extra as a clerk, I've never encountered a single one of them.

SEK is also an abbrevitation for the German word "Sondereinsatzkommando" (literally, "special operation commando"), the SWAT-like elite units of the German police.

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