The form of currency used in the Zelda series. Usually they took the form of different colored gems which could be traded for goods or services rendered. If I remember correctly the color schema was as such: Green was 1 rupee, Blue was 5 rupees, Red was 20 rupees. (Thank Tabs)

Indian currency is called rupee. 1 rupee = 100 paise and these days 1 dollar is approximately 44 rupees ($1 = Rs. 44)

Ru*pee" (?), n. [Hind.rpiyah, fr. Skr. rpy silver, coined silver or gold, handsome.]

A silver coin, and money of account, in the East Indies.

The valuation of the rupee of sixteen annas, the standard coin of India, by the United States Treasury department, varies from time to time with the price silver. In 1889 it was rated at about thirty-two cents.


© Webster 1913.

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