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What happens when two wild and crazy kids from Chicago decide to drive to Cleveland just because? What happens when, not only do two crazy kids from Chicago decide to drive to Cleveland just because, but you also talk a guy from Michigan to drive 3 hours one way just to enjoy the weather and the company?! WHY A GATHERING OF COURSE*.

So, here's the gist, jethro_bodine, pitcher, and mordel all decided (fairly last minute) to crash at my house for a night. Basically to, you know, enjoy Ohio.

Ok, this is the part where we stray from the facts and get to the good stuff, the story telling part.

So, jethro_bodine and pitcher leave from Chicago at 5pm, and mordel leaves from Nowhereville, Michigan at 10:30pm CST, what time will they intersect? Roughly 1:30ish in CLEVELAND!! WHOO!

After sitting around and talking till 3:30am we decide it is time to sleep. Sleeping was had, though, in some peoples cases not enough was had. Mmm breakfast, which was awesome thanks to my mom's mad skills, as well as jbo's grit making abilities (which are stellar), and pitcher's beyond note worthy omelets. After breakfast we decided to go downtown. At this point, I realized why I am online so much, it's because there is nothing to do in Cleveland. We went downtown and drove around for awhile, enjoyed the beautiful weather and the fresh clean smell of the river (you know, the one that caught on fire. Also, note my sarcasm here). So, walking around downtown, getting rained on, we decided that there was officially nothing to do in Cleveland, and went to find an establishment that sold food. Cuz, you know, we didn’t get enough the first time around.

Part two, sammich shop. Cleveland has these really awesome restaurants by the name of "Panini's" which sell, I kid you not, sammichs with coleslaw and French fries IN them, as well and bread and meat. They are wonderful. So, we ate there, and marveled at its deliciousness. Afterward, we decided that the night life in Cleveland really sucks at noon on a Sat, and went home. I had to work, so I left the people in my driveway as I went to work, thank God they weren’t still in my driveway when I came home 8 hours later.

If there is Part two does there have to be a Part three?

Part three, Cleveland doesn't really suck that much. And when I PROMISE YOU 75 AND SUNNY, well… YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT IT WILL BE! Even if it is raining at the moment. Lastly, as clique as it sounds, Cleveland weather can change every 15 min.

On that note, San Dimas High School Football Rules and let me know if you're gonna be in Cleveland ever. Yeah, I think that's it.

*- the term gathering is subject to local laws

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