Oh yeah, in Vancouver, BC.

Preamble: I've never done this before, and I'm hosting a noderthing in a city I've never been in... much. Seriously folks, help me out here.


Who: Well, after the big E2 Outage the Vancouver noders aren't as strong as they once were. Here is a list of people I've spoken to, since announcing this thing to everyone on the E2 list of people living in BC: What: An amazing post-apocalyptic noder gathering to honor the arrival of an escaped convict! That's right, we've got an honest-to-goodness AUSTRALIAN heading into Canada! How he got a passport, I won't ask.

Now, Blakjak has never been in Canada before, which is odd because Canada is so large. It's statistically likely he would have stepped on Canada at one time or another, but no. (he doesn't get out much.)

Anyway, instead of letting him have a good time in beautiful Victoria, where I live and will be putting him up for a few days, I decided to take his croc-wrestling beer-swilling santa-in-summer Australian ass over to dirty Vancouver where he'll be more at home.

When: March 6th (Saturday) (2004), from whenever you feel like it to whenever you pass out and/or leave. The place opens around 5ish, so that's approximately when I will arrive, ferries being leniant.

Why: I figger us Canadians (and maybe some visiting Americans, too) can show a visiting blakjak a good time. And help him sample some REAL BEER (that goes for the Americans, too).

Also... WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WENT TO A NODERMEET? Uh huh? I THOUGHT SO. Get off your lazy butt.

Where: A place called DV8 in Vancouver, BC (DV8! Get it? Dee... Veee.. Ate... Deviate! Whee!! (ok I'm lame)). DV8 is, "hip european-style apre-club cafe / drinkery" located on the corner of Richards and Davie street, downtown Vancouver. It likely opens at normal clubbish time and close similarly (5pm -> 3am, roughly). Cabbies downtown will know it by name.

DV8 is a restaraunt, and will not ID you unless you order drinks (and even then it's questionable). All underage noders welcome!

How: Blakjak's transportation on and off Vancouver island, airfare, bus tickets, and all that good jazz will be covered and handled so no worries there. All that remains is for you crazy Vancouverites to meet us somewhere and well.. I suppose I need to be shown a good time too. I act like I'm all cool when I'm writing this up but I'm really just as lame as Blakjak.

Identification: Once we all get there, how will we know who each other is? Hmm. Good question. Well, I will be wearing a brown leather jacket with a brown leather hat that says "Indiana Jones" on it, since I'm so cool. If you can spot that, you're set. I'll also try to bring something eye-catching, like a yellow peice of cardboard paper that says E2 or something like that. It will become obvious, I'm sure.

I'll also keep my head on a pivot. If I scan the room, and I notice someone looking at me all funny, trying to make out what my hat says, I will raise an eyebrow and glare right back and make a "I'm going to kill you if you keep staring at me" face. So if you get that look, come on over, then I won't have to get up and cross the room to kill you.

Or maybe I'll just raise a beer and beckon you to join.

Whatever, we'll figure it out. But my Indiana Jones hat is a guarantee.

Note that my indiana jones hat is a ball-cap made of brown cloth with a logo on it that says indiana jones, and it has a leather brim. It is not an actual indiana jones hat what with the wide brim and everything, I'm leaving that one at home.

Leather brim. Not many of those around nowadays.

WAIT WAIT WAIT. I just got a job interview, and seems how I've been unemployed for several months, I couldn't turn it down! And it's today! I won't be there to start, but BlakJak will try to get there right at 5pm on his own. He is kinda dorky looking, very thin like a toothpick, with small faint moustache and a fuzzy thing on his chin. Long black jacket, and he said he'd try to put an E2 sign up near him or something.

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