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Who actually did show: Who didn't (mercifully, we missed them though): Who we bugged at work:

So... a random discussion about traveling to VA between Hermetic and myself on #e turned into a nifty compromise at Infinite Burn's suggestion to meet halfway in NYC at his place. And. So. We did. I picked up a monkey and a slightly resistant cobie. And after a little too much time dabbling and getting beverages and cash and dealing with masshole traffic and taking a wrong turn (it happens, even to the locals) we shuffled off in Wanda and hit the pavement. Making decent but not spectacular time we arrived in NYC around 10:30 PM that night spotting the C! sign hanging on the front door. The four + hours was pretty much making jokes at the Canada’s expense. We drove through Connectic'oot... and we passed a very many h'ooses and we talked about our oot-fits and lovingly thought of hamster bong the whole time.

So, we find ourselves in fucking new york!! and try to figure out what to do first. After we yell at the subway attendant at the dead station and find our way to the next one, we of course, find porn. drunkenmonkey has a tendency to be surrounded by porn, especially at the last NYC/Boston event. So we pick up a disposable camera since I was smart enough to leave my digital in the car, and pose in front of the porn, SNAP, and keep on going. After a subway ride, Infinite Burn leads us into The Village. We walk around, see the sights, meander by a laundromat called "The Chatterbox", SNAP, and eventually to Tiffany's for some food. Victor our waiter was a bit discombobulated, but we, or at least me, were severely entertained by the postcard selection available in the entryway. Specifically the entire stack I grabbed of Ute Lemper postcards!!! Msg me if you want one!!!!! After some food we went in search of deeahblita at work. And after a little bit of shuffling from tattoo parlor to tattoo parlor we found her. She is missing a bit of hair and has gained a few more holes and she rocks. Infinite Burn got a hole through his head, or ear actually. And I was happy to have purchased a very very nice piece of glass for... well, my tobacco smoking pleasure. I actually broke on of the bongs... err... water tobacco pipes after the sales lady jammed a bowl into it that was too big, but it ended up a sweet deal, she made me buy a bigger one that was more expensive and we called it even. And damnit, I wanted something discrete, but oh well.

After dee, we meandered a bit more, ended up at a McDonalds to use the facilities and sat there for a bit chatting. We grabbed a train back to Burn's place. cobie had a private encounter with a man drooling over him who has cheesy poofs on his fingers. And at Burn's suggestion, we headed into the church to play dressup and take a few pictures.

And after a long long long night, we left NYC around 6:00 in the morning and hauled ass back to Boston in just over 3 hours (woohoo). Back to Boston, back to my car, and back to my bed to pass out.

Thanks guys, I had a kick ass time!


pics are at http://www.coe.neu.edu/~carla/IMPROMPTU/
I will develop the disposable camera soon and throw the rest up there
stay tuned...

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