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Helpless citizens of Tampines, Singapore attacked by hapless hackers
4:19p.m., May 10 2001, EDT

Earlier today, the town council of Tampines, Singapore announced that they were shutting down the Town Issues Forum this Sunday, May 13th until a way could be found to stop the "hackers" from posting "abusive and disturbing messages" on their public forum.

Designed by the town for citizens to provide feedback and for them to file complaints about the state of the publicly maintained properties around their places of residence and employment, this normally constructive forum was invaded by posters using false identification information starting on May 5th. Legitimate complaints such as those regarding misuse of tap water and playgrounds after dark soon became mixed in with posts bearing titles such, "Illegal breeding of pet hamsters" and "bad glue in lift".

Not only new threads were victim, however, soon the hackers began replying to genuine complaints, using false names such as "Hermetic Properties" to reply to building-related complaints, undoubtedly confusing the citizens of the Tampines Community. At one point, a hacker even impersonated the town council itself, posting a thread titled "Free Porn At Laughter Day Celebration!".

The citizens of Tampines soon ceased their posts to the forum, excepting a few complaints like a post from Mrs. Tey, which read as follows:

"Dear Mr Cheng,

I am a Tampines resident and had the shock of my life 
when I went into the forum and read all these postings
 from the hackers.

I would like to suggest that a police report be made and 
these hackers (or could be a single person) with too much
 time and nothing else better to do to be prosecuted for 
their misdeeds.

They have clearly no respect for this forum and its owners
 and can be sued legally for impostering and using the kind
 of language in their postings.

Please take immediate action to close the forum to carry out
 investigations and take action against these hackers.

Thank you.

Mrs Tey "

Clearly, this was the point at which the Town Council could stand the belligerance of the hackers no longer. Soon after Mrs. Tey's complaint, one of several, the Town Council posted their reply. Apparently, the hackers were based out of the United States, and belonged to a group called "Hermetic's Heretics". One of their highly respected members, the town council claims, " Zulkifli "Infinite Burn" Mansor, is a resident of Singapore and is currently being extridited back to the Tampines Community for caning. The remainder of the group are being sought by American authorities and will be punished to the fullest extent of American, and if at all possible, Singaporean law."

Under the circumstances, the Tampines Town Council had no other choice but to close the forum as of May 13th until suitable measures against such intrusions could be taken. Our hearts go out to Robin Cheng, the General Manager of the Tampines Town Council, and the poor citizens of Tampines, Singapore, who had to withstand such a brutal onslaught of perverse filth.

The Tampines Community website can be found at :
http://www.tampines.org.sg/      and the affected forum is the Tampines Issues Forum.


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