(b. 1963 in Munster, Germany)

Ute Lemper is a multi-talented and nice diva (as opposed to difficult) who played the character Velma Kelly with the London, Broadway, and the Las Vegas casts of Chicago: the Musical.

She has appeared in New York City's Joe's Pub in the June of 1999 in a cabaret act, and have returned for a second cabaret performance. She's a very flirty one onstage!

A partial discography that I have bumped into (a complete discography is in http://homestead.deja.com/user.andrewfwilson/files/lemper.html ):

  1. Life is a Cabaret (Sony Japan, 1987)
  2. Ute Lemper Sings Kurt Weill (London Records, 1988)
  3. Crimes of the Heart (Columbia, 1990)
  4. Kurt Weill: The Threepenny Opera (London Records , 1990 and reissued in 1999)
  5. Kurt Weill: The Seven Deadly Sins and Mahagonny Songspiel (London Records, 1990)
  6. Ute Lemper Sings Kurt Weill, Volume 2 (London Records 1993)
  7. Espace Indécent (Polydor France, 1993)
  8. City of Strangers: Songs by Sondheim and Jacques Prévert (London Records 1995)
  9. Berlin Cabaret Songs (German) (London Records, 1996)
  10. Berlin Cabaret Songs (English) (London Records, 1997)
  11. Nuits Étranges (Polydor France, 1997)
  12. Chicago: The Musical (London Cast Recording) (BMG RCA Victor, 1998)
  13. All That Jazz: The Best of Ute Lemper (London Records, 1998)
  14. Punishing Kiss (London Records, 2000)

Through the Summer of the year 2000, Ms. Lemper is traveling around the world for her concert tour for her latest CD, Punishing Kiss, featuring songs from Kurt Weill, Phillip Glass, Elvis Costello, and Tom Waits.

What kind of person is Ute? She describes herself as a very outspoken and political person. She likes to talk about how Germany is a preposterous -- er, she means prosperous country. Her biography Unsenziert ("Uncensored") will explain. She's one who does not want to just only do standards from Kurt Weill, but she finds it a nice domain of sorts. However, if she wants to do more rock/pop songs like those in her new album Punishing Kiss, she should just let it all out. The only problem with her new album and the respective concert is that the audience expects at least one reference to good (or bad) ol' Germany with the Weimar Republic on its way to becoming Nazi Germany.

Official web site: http://www.deccaclassics.com/utelemper
Newsgroup: alt.fan.ute-lemper
Mailing List: ute_lemper@egroups.com (it is moderated.)

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