I've only met him once in person, when I attended my first noder gathering last year. I thought, when I met him, that he was very very cute. We didn't get to talk much then, but we have seen each other around on #e on occasion, and for whatever reasons, I began talking to him. He has wondered a few times why I did, and all I could say each time was that I had a feeling that he would be honest with me. Most people who talk to me regularly know that I want to listen, I want to hear what they have to say. That's the way randir was with me, and so I've come back, time and again, to talk to him, to share the daily ramblings of my life. He has said, among others, that I think entirely too much and that such overzealous thinking session will likely bring me nothing but grief. And of course, he's right.

Tonight, it had been raining. This is the sixth solid day of rain we've had, and it's been on my nerves for more than a few days. Randir and I get to talking on #e and at one point he asks for my number, which I gladly give. We talk for nearly two hours. In that time we laugh, share some personal spots about ourselves, as well the standard noder topics. I am drawn to his laugh, to the smile I can feel in his voice, to his honesty.

Randir is my friend, you see.

He is one of the few people on E2 that I feel comfortable bringing my problems to instead of usually being the listener. I hate burdening people or having them think that all I can see are my own problems, but I don't have to worry about that with randir. He tells me things and I tell him things, and it's magical to me how easily it all took place. He is sweet and takes care for those in his life that he holds close to him. He tells me that I think too much, that I am too controlling, that I need to just calm down. He doesn't know I need to hear this, but afterwards, he has to know that I do.

I wish he, like many people, were here with me.

This node isn't for XP. It's not for votes. It's to tell randir that I'm really glad he called, because I needed to talk to someone as the rain kept coming down. It's to say thanks.

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