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I wanna master the art of paraprosdokians.
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You can always count on Americans to do the right thing; after they've exhausted every other option.
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NEW ME for 2024! 48, BITCHES!
Goodness, I have to redeem myself for some of these early nodes. Perhaps this is where I start.

Up/Down Voting on E2 fully prepared me to play Pokemon Go. And, yes, I am aware that I'm already behind the times.

Auduster: (Science) is not about 10 million people in a worldwide industry trying to get things past the editors of Nature.

That is just an awesome line.

Someone gotta fill these:

last resort
It's easier to drink on an empty stomach than to eat on a broken heart
I pray to God you don't look at me. You pray to God I don't look back.

We jammers are a loose global network of artists, activists, green entrepreneurs, media-literacy teachers, downshifters, reborn Lefties, high school shit-disturbers, campus rabble-rousers, dropouts, incorrigibles, poets, philosophers, ecofeminists. We cover the spectrum from the cool intellectual middle to the violent lunatic fringe, from Raging Grannies who chant doggerel at protests to urban guerrillas who stage wild street parties. We are ecological economists, TV jammers, ethical investors. We paint our own bike lanes, reclaim streets, "skull" Calvin Klein ads and paste GREASE stickers on tables and trays at McDonald's restaurants. We organize swap-meets, rearrange items on supermarket shelves, make our software available free on the Net and generally apply ourselves to the daily business of getting consumer culture to bite its own tail. We're idealists, anarchists, guerrilla tacticians, hoaxers, pranksters, neo-Luddites, malcontents and punks. We're the ragtag remnants of oppositional culture - what's left of the revolutionary impulse in the jaded fin de millénium atmosphere of postmodernity in which revolution is said to no longer be possible. What we share is an overwhelming rage against consumer capitalism and a vague sense that our time has come to act as a collective force.

On the simplest level, we are a growing band of people who have given up on the American dream.


It is for eeyore14 that Mark Twain quotes appear here.

You can find in a text whatever you bring, if you will stand between it and the mirror of your imagination.

- "A Fable"

Gatherings thus far:


Piss Christ is the art world's version of trolling.

Quizro says: Templeton, you have always seemed to me to be the one who has lived the concept of E2 as a community to its fullest. Including friendships and, of course, romance.

Wow. I mean, wow.

Book list of books I want to read:

The Dumb Ox, G.K. Chesterton
Brave New World Revisited, Huxley
The Transparent Society, David Brin
Banker to the Poor, Muhammad Yunus
Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch, Henry Miller
Deathbird Stories, Shatterday, The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, Harlan Ellison
The Slave and the Free, Holdfast Chronicles, Suzy McKee Charnas
Backlash, Susan Faludi
Manifesta, Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards
House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski
The Favourite Game, Leonard Cohen
Backlash, Stiffed, Susan Faludi
Mockingbird, Sean Stewart
Midnight's Children, Salman Rushdie
Cat's Eye or The Blind Assassin, Edible Woman, Margaret Atwood
Heat, William Goldman
Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Restoring the Lost Constitution : The Presumption of Liberty
Angles by OSC
Oryx and Crake
The Handmaid's Tale

You are unceasingly amazing and one of the primary reasons I've been around as long as I have. Much love to you, ma'am.

I love you too, sillyhead

Dammit I wish you would just talk to me. 2017-06-05@12:14 PM root says You were blocked by 1 user total: 1 (user) ignored you.