So I awoke at 12:16 in the afternoon and realized I had to hop the crosstown to meet yossarian, Templeton, WickerNipple, stand/alone/bitch, ailie, Phyllis Stien, siren, perdedor, lith and Kit Lo at one for lunch. AH! so I throw on some semi-clean clothes and head out the door. I get to the place (a vegan place) almost on time, and meet and greet for a while. I had a burrito (sort of), and some very, very strong coffee with some kind of "sweet bark" stuff. It wasn't bad at all.

So then we head to the park and sit for like two hours and chill out on the lawn. We saw a very strange rabbit with a guinea pig that kept trying to hump it. Very odd.

So anyway, after that we made a pit-stop at yossarian's apartment, and picked up... uh... shit, I can't remember his name. Anyway he and his roommate showed up for cigarettes and good talk, and after a small diaspora of noders, we went to a Vietnamese place with his roommate's cousin and her friends. It was cool. Yep, that's about it for what I was present for. Goodnight.

This E2 get-together is better than the previous engagement because it's more day-oriented in the sense that it started out in the afternoon rather than an all-night spiel. Sure, the kids went to a bar in 1st Avenue for drinks in the night, but we had dinner and whatnot in a Vietnamese restaurant and more probably more livelier food in the afternoon.

The get-together started in 1:00 PM, but I dropped by in 3:00 PM because I had to work in Brooklyn College.

I originally wanted to go to Café Edison on my own if no dinner is planned, but we went out to dinner together. I like a bit of Vietnamese food sometimes. The crispy squid is nice, but I want more curry even if it makes my coughing worse.

On our way through the city, nocodeforparanoia is extremely flirty with Templeton. He's flirting like a 15-year-old, with all of the pushing and the chasing. If that makes him a man, I can't do a thing.

Tribe (the bar in 1st Ave.) is not the upscale dump that is Windows on the World. I didn't order anything because I'm underage, but I got to see everybody showing off their PDAs.

I talked with zot-fot-piq not just about relationships, but the responsibilities of drinking alcoholic stuff like his martini. I started it out of I don't want to fall so easily., alcoholic, and other drinking abuse nodes that should be metanoded. Okay, I could be able to stomach a glass of something piss-weak, but if I have to get to the strong stuff for my birthday, yossarian or zot-fot-piq has to get the stun gun to get me back in line. I don't want to be like my North Carolinian brother's friend's drunken wife lest my folks will kill me.

Before I got home, I asked yossarian if he can start a get-together in December 28, 2000. He checked it out from his Palm Pilot, and he said it's okay because it's on a weekend. I'll probably want to celebrate the day with a drink or two, but I'll have it in a place uptown nearby Broadway. I feel safer by Broadway.

After reading all of the above entries I think it's time for me to add my two cents on the monkey doings from yesterday.

I was only around for the brunch/park sitting part of the day, but what I was there for was incredibly enjoyable. It is always a little surreal meeting people from the Internet at first, but eventually I grew more comfortable with the situation and found that noders really aren't scary people at all! In fact, I think it was better than some of my other encounters with Net denizens because of the fact that knowledge of each other (in most cases) was already possessed to some degree. Odd situation, but...good.

Of the people I did get a chance to meet:

  • Yossarian was very easy to talk to and was indeed a most kind fellow. If it had been a one on one situation I feel like I could have spent much more time conversing than I did.
  • I must admit that I too was slightly intimidated by the prospect of meeting Templeton, but once we got talking I found it to be quite easy as well as very enjoyable. I hope she enjoyed her video.
  • WickerNipple- a gracious host and also the first noder that I encountered. After standing around outside for about 15 minutes or so this blonde lad with glasses shows up and gives me a nod. Overcoming any anxiety I had, I asked him if he was waiting for anyone and the introduction was over. Most pleasant individual indeed.
  • The only other person there that I had much chance to talk to was stand/alone/bitch. From the brief exchanges we had she seemed slightly shy, but friendly nonetheless.

Unfortunately I had to leave early so I didn't have time to talk at any length with the others. I would like to have met Kit Lo but, alas, it wasn't to be. My one regret is that I did not have the opportunity to speak with more people. You all seem very interesting and I look forward to any more meetings in the future.

I would have thought it was a simple task. I told my friend and co-worker Sandi to deposit my paycheck into my bank account. I gave her an ATM deposit slip, filled out my account number.

I was pretty much depending on that money while I was out of town in NYC for the weekend, so even if the money had made it into the account after noon on Friday, surely it would be accessible before the weekend was out, right? I even called Sandi Saturday morning to verify that the money had been deposited. At the very latest I could get into it by Sunday.

Well, my friend Sandi done went and had herself a blonde moment. She doesn't have an account at my bank, but my bank will gladly let any shmuck deposit money. Well, even though ATM deposit slips can be used at pretty much any area of a bank (drive thru, counter, ATM, night drop), Sandi assumed that in order to use it, she had to insert it into an ATM. Hard to do when you don't have an ATM card, huh? That didn't stop her, no sir. She crammed that puppy in there and drove off.

Now, it's Tuesday and I still have no money. If the check didn't get chewed up in the machine, I may get it before the day is out. Good thing I wasn't there to sign it. Sheesh.

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