All in all, a quite accurate portrayal of the evening, stand/alone/bitch, excepting certain portions of the night, of which I will address several.

It must be mentioned that we were possibly the motliest (is that a word?) crew I have ever been a part of:

Kit Lo, the briefcase-toting asian gentleman
stand/alone/bitch, a small, kosher, non-bitch
yossarian, who reminds me altogether too much of my father, except more like a normal human
juliet, who talked an awful lot about breasts
ailie, who didn't say an awful lot about anything
and me, nocodeforparanoia, the chain-smoking, underage drinking, no good art student.

First, WickerNipple accused me of smoking "fake" cigarettes. He rolls his own. We're all very proud, Andy.

We decided, based on my current life (which I will not be going into) that peeling the labels off your beer is not a sign of sexual frustration.

Some guy showed up with juliet. He seemed very uncomfortable, and left early.

I'm NOT a baby. And yes, I wrote that node. And it's true.

Got back to school around 12:45 and did three hours of homework, not including frequent trips to the roof for cigarettes. Art's hard when you're bombed.

All in all an outstanding evening. Thanks, Matt. Good stuff.

See you Sunday.

I'm sorry to say it, but I spoiled a bit of the night because I left early after Windows on the World.

To tell the truth, absolutelyI hated going to that place because I am physically too young to be in there. I'm a cultural outcast in this place. Everybody around me looked like 30 year old stock broker wankers with hot chicks and younger dotcom millionaires. Everybody smelled of money, and I smelled like crap. I've the money to buy something to drink, but the place shouldn't serve to a assfairy lamer like me. The place wouldn't serve to anybody who would get drunk, wilding out and being violent, but the bartender probably wouldn't serve to anybody who is not mature-looking or bourgeois enough. Who makes money serving anything to people who are underage? I'm surprised that stand/alone/bitch is not let in because of of her shoes. She would've blended in if she had my shoes. The smell of cigarettes didn't help either, because I'm coughing my ass off.

And the dive probably would've gotten me killed. Alcohol poisoning, a big fight with a rich urban biker, whatever. I would be dead.

I suck. I was late. I scheduled drinks with a few friends, RIGHT before I was suppose to go to dinner. My friends were late, which made me late. I forced one of them to accompany me to Lombardi's, part out of fear no one would be there, and partly because I am actually quite shy. Only part I didn't figure in.. "Walking into a group of new people drunk is never a good idea".

By the time I got to the restraunt, everyone was basically done eating. I had a beer and some pizza, and tried to remember first names/faces/handles. The first names were much easier.

We cabbed it to Windows on the World, but were denied because of a shoe policy. Kit lo ditched out because the smoke was making him cough, and because he felt a bit out of place. We landed up at this dive bar, that had couches that smelled of mildew/cat piss.

That is the best summary of the evening I can give from my side. Showing up drunk, and drinking made exact details blurry, and the details I remember would probably bore anyone who wasn't there.

My take on the night was this.. everyone seemed really nice. I am really glad I went. I did feel bad for being late, and also a bit out of place. I am a pretty neurotic person, and meeting new people .. well I assume they will all hate me. Yossarian commented on how diverse we all were.. I think I know what he meant.. but I have a feeling we all had a lot more in common under the surface. Everyone there seemed like good peoples. So far I have been to this, and the Florida Everything Get-Together.. 100% of the people have been really cool, and nothing but nice.. and that alone rules. In my mind.. they thought I was a over-chatty lush, and hated me.. but I hope that is just my paranoia.. All in all it was a good night (tm).

**I only talked about breasts, because someone else brought up the node Wanted: Your Breast. Otherwise the conversation would have been breast-less.

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