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perception, empathy, and perfect make-up application
I've been a fool, to allow dreams to become great expectations
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My name is Victoria Palmer.
I am a 21 year old misanthropic, boy crazy, femme geek princess, living in Ft. Myers, Florida.

I enjoy infatuationsmoochingnapping.

My bedroom is my personal temple

I am looking for my supernova

I've been a fool to allow dreams to become great expectations

I am online way too much, You can find me on IRC, on efnet
as Juliet, idling in #glitterglam. I used to hang out on
#phrack, #hack, and #phreak, and occasionally pop in there.
I also hang out on slashnet, on #everything. Or you could
just email me, or visit my webpage at

Juliet's Hope Chest and Juliet's Journal
are a good peak into a corner of my soul

I love all types of music, reading, unix.boys, NeXTs, musical theatre, psychology,
sociology, neuro-pharmacology, puppies, and other stuff.

I often do things that are inapropriate I have a fear of being misunderstood, which leads to me over-explaining I can only sleep in cold rooms I have an obsession with how I am perceived I am always looking for my true loveI am often silly i am sane I am not sane I haven't seen my father in over 10 years I like my emotional baggage I am a little girlI am a strong woman I am not what you think i am plain

"Heterosexual women live in a world of male pleasure, and despite our complaints, I must assume we like it like that. At the very least, I do. I like wearing high heels, and it's not because they make my feet feel good. When spring turns to summer and it's time to wear pumps without pantyhose and I get blisters on my toes and heels from friction and leather, I feel absurdly and obscenely delighted in the shackles of womanhood that cause this unnecessary pain, this silly Occidental version of foot-binding that is really just a variation on soul-bonding. I like being bound, amid all my radical feminism, to what boys want." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

10 nodes that I am still touched by

This is dedicated to my sister
Love is touching souls, surely you touched mine
i miss you, damn you for being so damn amazing
Fuck Blame
Am I insane, or is it just wishful thinking?
The day I realized what being alive was
The Morning After
May 1, 1998
Things I wish I had the chance to say
Letter Interrupted

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