I was reading some old reports I did in school, and ran across my high school paper on Persephone. For some reason I really dug this myth. Maybe this is a bit freudian, but I think I might know why.

Persephone is a totally submissive woman. She has no choices. She is dominated, abducted, etc. She doesn't mind though. She is the quintessential damsel in distress.

Persephone is what was considered, and by some still is considered to be the perfect "girl". Not woman, but girl.. still a naive, innocent child, but sexually appealing.. appealing enough for Hades to abduct her as his wife.
That is only one version of the Persphone myth. There is an earlier version of the myth that has no male presence at all.

In the earlier version of the Persephone/Demeter myth, Persephone voluntarily descended into the Underworld to care for and bring order to all the souls residing there. Demeter mourned the loss of her daughter for 6 months (winter time) until Persephone felt she had accomplished enough and could return to visit her mother, though she would always return to the Underworld to care for the deceased souls.

In this version of the myth, the story focused more on Persephone's coming of age; making a monumental decision on her own and against her mother's wishes and the returning to see her mother an older and wiser person. (Or goddess, as the case may be.)


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