Sigmund Freud, who spent most of his adult life studying and examining human thought and behavior, often said this was the question he could not answer.

A better, possibly easier question to answer:

What does a woman want that a man does not want?

Here are some of the answers, although I am quite sure it is a larger list than I can make.

1. Someone who will listen without telling them what they should do, (or should have done).
2. Shoes that are: cute, practical, match certain outfits and go with certain seasons.
3. Someone to move furniture around so you can see how it will look. This is associated with (4)
4. The need to redesign, paint or otherwise change your internal surroundings every 5 months or so because you are "sorta bored" with how it looks.
5. The need to have people lie to you about your clothes and/or personal appearance, i.e. How do I look?
6. The ability to watch an entire television show, including commercials, without changing the channels. (This applies to FM radio use as well).
7. The time and energy to go to a mall or shopping district and shop for hours with no destination in mind and no time restriction. The ability to stop and ask for directions if you are not sure where to go.
8. A movie or book that you know will end badly, Kleenex to cry into during and afterwards, and a man who will not say that was "pretty stupid" when you admit to doing this.
9. A sporting event that will end on time and a ride home that includes no postgame wrap-up on the radio or by SO.
10. Flowers, at most times of the year, for no reason, and without a reminder. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Heaven forbid I should be caught defending Sigmund "I swore off sex at 30 so now I'll proceed to screw up western civilization permanently with stupid ideas out of my own twisted mind" Freud, but... He didn't say "What does a woman want?" He said:

What does a woman want? What does a man want?

Unfortunately nobody ever quotes the whole thing. Anyway, I still think the best answer to the question is in a certain fairy tale about Sir Gawain...

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