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Camel Wides are a product of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the second largest tobacco company in the United States, and the makers of the Camel, Doral, Salem, and Winston families of cigarette brands, to name a few. Camel Wides are essentially standard Camel filtered cigarettes in a wider circumference format, though some have said they find Camel Wides to be "smoother" than regular Camels.

It may also be worthy to note that an RJR memo concerning the design and manufacture of a "wider-circumference nonmenthol cigarette targeted at young adult male smokers" dated 1987 (shortly before Camel Wides became available for sale), is one of several seemingly incriminating memos used against R.J. Reynolds in recent litigation. The aim of these particular suits and their related investigations was to show that R.J. Reynolds had directly targeted minors with its advertising campaigns. This belief was sparked largely by RJR's use of a cartoon mascot named "Joe Camel", who was perhaps the biggest scapegoat of the entire tobacco litigation maelstrom.

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