This page of is currently inactive, and is retained here for historical interest only. It is no longer maintained, and the data it contains is no longer relevant to the current structure and operation of Everything2. If you have any questions about this page, contact a member of staff.

For many years, we relied on a stream of donations to keep the lights on here. The use of these donations has been discussed here and here. In short, donations went to pay for hardware upgrades to our server farm in Mighican.

Nowadays, we have a hosting contract with Mighican State University which provides for our site maintenance. Because of this, we've made the choice to avoid any possible perception of conflict of interest by closing down the donation box. we offer our sincerest thanks for the financial support you've given us over the past years. It helped keep the servers online and ticking.

Shops which sell E2 merchandise are still encouraged to operate, though unable to donate their proceeds to the site.

Everything2 is a lot of fun, isn't it? Every user has their own expectation of what E2 is for them and others, but every one who returns does so because they enjoy themselves to some extent. It's clear that some people are masochists, but that's beyond the scope of this document and doesn't really deserve close inspection. All in all, E2 is kinda like an old church potluck. Everyone brings a dish, whether it be an entree, a casserole or a dessert. There are dishes that everyone likes and they get eaten quickly, and then there are those that don't get so much attention because Aunt Maybelle uses too much salt.

All the dishes are lined up on some old card tables and everyone digs in, everyone has fun. Well, except for those masochists, but they're really enjoying themselves in their own special way. At the front of the line, near the plates, is a basket. The potluck has no fee, but this basket sits there and is a clear indication that your donation would be appreciated, but no one really says anything and if you ain't got the change, you aren't turned away. Everyone gets to eat, unless you start crapping in the mashed potatoes, then you get the door. Someone once said, "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch," but E2 is as close as you're probably gonna get. Unfortunately, paying E2's expenses are a little more pricey than paying Skippy the janitor to hang around and mop the floor and wash the dishes. E2 has close to 60,000 users these days and about XX unique visitors each day.

The Donation Box helps, but it ain't nearly cutting it. A few industrious folk have started to dream up crazy schemes to earn E2 some extra money. We aren't running washing machine races in the basement of Moe's Tavern yet, but there are a few Cafepress stores and one or two other commercial experiments. Unfortunately, these enterprises don't make any money unless you know about them. Thus we finally get to the point of this document.

Herein is a list of all known money making enterprises that have pledged to donate all or a portion of their profits to E2.

Lucy-S's books:

Conventional oven's Cafepress store:

Demeter's Cafepress stores:

display name's Cafepress store:

JohnnyGoodyear's Cafepress store:

The ninjagirls' Cafepress stores:

Provolo's Cafepress store:

Roninspoon's Cafepress stores:

RoyHoo33's Cafepress store:

Scribe's Ninja Girl Store:

Segnbora-t's Cafepress store:

The Custodian's Closet Cafepress store and Zazzle apparel:

volfied's Cafepress store: